Operation Green Triangle List of Items for Auction - 100% to Cancer Charities!


See here for an outline of the Operation Green Triangle project to raise money for the American Cancer Society (ACS), the Cancer Research Institute (CRI) and CureSearch for Children’s Cancer: http://yoyoexpert.com/forums/index.php/topic,49518.0.html.

Let’s get some auctions going!

Chris has an automatic ticker going at YoYoSkills that will update as new auction items are listed: http://www.yoyoskills.com/?p=11931

I’ll do my best to also keep an updated list of auction items going here as well. If you post something on eBay and want it listed here, shoot one of the moderators or admin a message. Be sure to include the code #OGTyoyo in the title listing.

Higby '07 888 from vegabomb: SOLD! $305.00

JRod Modified FHZ SOLD! $66.00

JRod Modified Projam SOLD! $22.50

Raider EXs from JRod SOLD! $17.50

One Drop CODE2 from JRod SOLD! $70.00

Bapezilla 2 from yuki onitsura

Yomega Maverick from Nivo

Chico Yo-Yo Company Bulldog

String Theory Yo-Yo - Lotus

TiWalker from Throwgoon  SOLD! $228.50

Mixed bag O’ stuff from potatobobguy

Nickel plated Cascade from One Drop

ILYY Noctu from oldyoyoguy

A very rare Robot V Ninja Moose BvM from oldyoyoguy

One Drop M1 from oldyoyoguy

One Drop Burnside from saintrobyn

Deadly Spins Wraith from Deadly Spins

Cool Cold Fusion watch from dryoyo

(Chris Allen) #2

Chico Yo-Yo Company Bulldog

String Theory Yo-Yo - Lotus


Lots are coming in. Awesome to see it!


I don’t want to miss a single post here


Looks like there was also a nickel Cascade put up for auction by One Drop…  Excellent to see!

I’ve just placed my Ti-Walker up for auction on Ebay.  Here is a link:


All proceeds to benefit National Breast Cancer Foundation, Inc.


Nicely done, throwgoon!



Awesome guys!


Some really great stuff added to the list. Check it out.

(Chris Allen) #9

Cold Fusion watch anyone?



Some items ending today. Some new things added as well. Check it out!


I’ll take those Raider EX’s off your hands, Jrod. :]
Thank you very much and it feels great that we are contributing to the ACS :smiley:


Glad they’re going to a good home!


Thank you very much!

I’ve been more focused on 2A lately and I want to get as much different pairs of loopers as possible so I can get a feel of different throws and which fits my preferences. But to acquire the arguably best looping yoyo in the market is an honor :]

And it feels good to actually purchase throws. I actually haven’t bought in about 2 years because I’ve been winning free yoyos left and right [yup, I’m that guy]


Well. I helped get some of the priced up. Although it may sound bad, I’m glad I lost the auctions. I ran into some stuff, so winning some of those could’ve been bad for me.

(Chris Allen) #15

first batch of yoyos have been completed!

In the first week, we raised 924.02, DIRECT to charity contributions.

Good job guys. Lets make Week 3 bigger.

It doesn’t need to be a yoyo that you put up btw… get creative!

(Chris Allen) #16

Guys, Important note. 
I was very surprised when payment for one of the auction items hit my paypal account a few minutes ago. 
This led me here - http://www.ebaygivingworks.com/help-aboutdonations.html

The eBay system doesn’t work exactly how I thought it was going to.
The payment goes to the seller, and then the seller either puts the money on the charity via ebays donation center or ebay will deduct it via a bill automatically.
to kick it off manually, go here

http://donations.ebay.com/donation/web.us/myebay_makedonation.jsp 24 hours after your auction ends.

I intend on posting up screen shots of my auction donations as soon as ebay lets me do it manually.

so not as direct as I had first thought.  I am kinda frustrated about this.  The Giving Works main page doesn’t talk about a wait period.  I am guessing this is to protect against returns and payment disputes?

EITHER WAY, ebay is going to charge direct and get the money.

ebay charges whatever payment account is connected to your ebay account.  This comes out the same way that owed fees come out.  ebay moves the money and then charges you if the money isnt there.  non compliance would end both your ebay and paypal account and ruin your credit when eBay contacts the agencies.

With these failsafes in place, I think we will be okay


I’ll just manually send the funds off to CureSearch as soon as I’m able when payment’s cleared. It’s about a one month wait before eBay automatically deducts the funds.



I didn’t include my paypal on the how you receive your payment section (left it blank). I will see if this makes a difference.


Same here. This is still a great way of doing things Chris. With it being a new charity drive there are bound to be some serious learning curves associated with it.


Due to some accidental bidding by the winner of the Bapezilla 2, I’ve had to cancel the transaction and re-list it. Re-listing can be found here: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=251166489121