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OneDrop Yelets “Jenny Project”

if you’ve watched Episode 5 of Throwlicious Live then you know that I’m auctioning off my OneDrop Yelets in the “Jenny Project” edition. This is an awesome chance for one lucky person to get their hands on a very rare yoyo. Only 8 were made at the time and they sold out instantly here on YYE.

For those of you who don’t know the story about this special edition, it was a joined project by OneDrop, Toxic Strings, and YoyoExpert to help out a neighbor of Evan Evans (Toxic Strings). All the money from that sale went to her. You can read up about it here.

Now you can join once again in this fundraiser by buying this yoyo. Because once again, 100% of the money will go towards Jenny. And on top of that I’ll meet the final bid (by up to 100 EUR). That means, if the yoyo goes away for 50 EUR, Jenny will get 100 EUR. If the yoyo sells for 120 EUR, she will get 220 EUR.

The auction has just gone live and will run for 10 days. I will announce the final amount in the sixth episode of Throwlicious Live by the end of November so that you can see that the donation has indeed been made.

So please help raise some money for a good cause and get a rare and cool yoyo through that as well.


PS: did I mention free worldwide shipping?!?

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this is nice gnny… throwlicious is really getting out there now

Only $1.25 right now? I hope it goes up a lot so that you can get as much money as needed :slight_smile:
Might offer, but IDK
Hope it goes well! 8)

I can’t really bid right now, but I love what you are doing to help others out.

Thank you! This is so awesome.

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the first bid is in. Great and thanks to the person bidding on this cool yoyo!

Now is the perfect time to get involved in this auction because the amount is still very low. Remember, free shipping! So you only pay for the yoyo which means that if you bid $10 and that is the final amount, you get a brand new and rare Yelets for a tenth of its original price!

i wish i could X_X i miss my yelets its the 1 throw i lost,but it was nowhere as gorgeous as that yelets,this is a very cool and generous idea dude,keep it up,and Throwlicious will be everywhere. 8) 8)

still more than 7 days to go and we’ve already passed the $45 mark, incredible! And thanks for the support. I wonder how far this will go.

So only three people in the entire yo-yo expert forum universe have made a bid on this item.


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Now four. Thanks for pointing this out doc.


we’re cracked the $80 mark already, if I see this right, that’s great! And I’m guessing that some people hold off their final bis till the very end. This is going to be interesting.

Less than half a day (or 12 hours) left! Don’t miss your chance to get this rare, totally mint in box yoyo with free worldwide shipping! And help do some good while doing so, too!

the auction is over. Thanks for all the support. A little under $100 was raised. Therefore, I’ve just made a donation of $200 towards Jenny’s GoFundMe page. You can go there to double check that the money was indeed donated. And while you’re on that page, make a donation as well, it’s much appreciated.

I know it seems somewhat self-serving to bump this thread considering I was the winning bidder, but I feel that you deserve another large pat on the back for what you did here.

I get a great yoyo out of my ‘donation’ (the Yelets happens to be one of my favourite, so my motives were not entirely pure ;)), whereas you just ponied up $100 of your own money as well as giving away your Yelets for none of your own profit.

So here’s to you Gnny, it’s nice to see someone genuinely happy to give of themselves to help others, without getting or expecting anything in return. Good job that man. :slight_smile:

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