Pink 1Drops For Sale/Charity $260 for 4 onedrops!!!



Part of each sale goes to help Evan and Angie Evans who own Toxic Strings pay for their sons medical expenses
Everything comes with the box it shipped in.
$5 shipping
cat not for sale

Pink Summit $100 $20 goes to help the Evan family
one tiny scratch on the flat of the rim.

Pink Chick $60 $10 goes to nature based charity
a few skuffs, one tiny ding on edge of rim that didnt even scratch the ano.

Pink Format C $75 $10 goes to charity
Great Condition

Black Chick $65 $10 goes to nature based charity
Perfect shape

paypal is cool.

Justin here, Im a onedrop team member, living in portland, designing record covers and movie posters for a “living”.
It might sound cool, but Im broke and selling some yoyos for an impending “mandatory hiatus” at work because we dont sell our records for enough money. And Im also donating part of the proceeds to help Evan and Angie Evans who own Toxic Strings pay for their sons medical expenses. I dont know them, I havent thrown their strings. But Shawn and Dave think they need some help so im helping.

Im a team member at 1drop so if you need to know more about my credentials or whatever you can check me out at their site. or ask paul dang, shawn, dave or anyone at 1drop anything you need to know. here is a video too:


I will trade you a prototype spy punch line for the one drop.


sorry bacon bro. im trying to get paid and make a few bucks for those who need help. but thats a great yoyo you have. tempted. but im in it for the cash and to give a helping hand. if you wanna buy one then you can go to sleep feeling good you helped a charity and kept me able to eat ramen noodles during a hard time.

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I would like to buy the summit but im a little tight on money right now are you gonna b at PAIYYC


naw, im too busy working to enjoy a day off or go to a yoyo contest.

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could you email me some more pics of that format c, im definitely interested


nah. sorry. im a busy guy.

dude, its a pink Format. the dark spots are machine marks from being put in cnc.
plays perfect. smooth. easy as sunday morning.

if you want to rock a pink format for a great price then here is your chance.
if your looking for something to covet and look at thru glass then…

call it an NQP

it is what it is man. i dont want to let it go. pink is a good weight for anno. i get black and pink yoyos and see which charicteristic i like more; the heavy black or the floaty pink. on the format i love them both but i need to make things happen other places then the ends of my fingers, so im selling this yoyo with remorse.

if no one buys it then whatevs, my next girlfriend gets a top notch yoyo for a starter, when i force her to learn to bind and trapeze.)

you should buy it.


Sorry man didn’t realize you were so busy. I just always ask for pics of what I’m buying. But yea I’m still interested. I’ll shoot you a pm later to let you know


bump) these are all great yoyos going towards making the world a bit better and to keeping me fed at the same time. check em out.


wow there are a lot of FS posts here! just bumpin.


Summit can go for 20$ right, because i would love to get that from you!


it says 100 dollars. twenty of which goes to charity.


That’s a nice cat you got there. Too bad it’s not for sale. What about trade? I’ll give you a Levi Peak.


im surprised no one has picked any of these yoyos up. maybe i should throw in the cat.)


some times at night i hear these yoyos crying from lack of attention. someone please take them home so they feel appreciated. :’(

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