YYF x Zammy's Soul Doubt raises money for charity once again


Help me raise some money for charity and get a rare yoyo in the process:


If you’ve watched the latest episode of Throwlicious Live, you know the awesome story behind the YYF x Zammy Soul Doubt. Now you get a chance to own the Soul Doubt with the number 6 and do something good in the process. Because the money raised by this auction will go to a charitable cause, just like it did originally. And to sweeten the deal, I’ll meet the amount raised (up to $100). If the yoyo goes for $30, the organization gets $60, if the yoyo goes for $55, $110 will be given.

The Soul Doubt is offered on the German ebay site but shipping is free worldwide. Paypal is accepted. I’ve made it as easy and as transparent as I could.

Last year, I auctioned off a Jenny’s Project Yelets this way and it went great. Let’s see if it can be re-done.



less than 24h on the clock, who’ll get the legendary Soul Doubt? And how much money will go to a local Children’s organization? Currently, we’re at 70 EUR already (~35 EUR x 2)

The Soul Doubt has done it again

The auction is over and 40.50 EUR was the final price on this yoyo. This is really cool since that means that 81 EUR is going to charity.

Or does it?!?

The guy who got the yoyo had hoped the yoyo would raise a bit more money. So what did he do? He rounded up the price and paypaled me 50 EUR! That’s how awesome the yoyo community is, kids! And with so much generosity on his side I decided to meet that amount as well instead of sticking to the ebay price. That means that 100 EUR went to the Children’s hospice Regenbogen here in Düsseldorf, Germany. You will get details and screenshots in the next episode of Throwlicious Live in a coulple of days.

Thanks everybody for participating in this fun activity :slight_smile:


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