I'm raising money for PurpleYoYo.org!

Hey yoyo community!
When I first heard about purpleyoyo I thought it was a great idea. I’d seen posts across social media with people saying how yoyo helped them fight depression or anxiety. Because this charity is such a great idea I decided to help out. I recently made some fixed axle yoyos with the purpleyoyo logo on them and put them on ebay to help raise money for this organization. 100% of the proceeds will go to purpleyoyo, and if you win the auction you get a cool handmade yoyo that’ll make you feel good to play with because you’re helping people out.

Here’s the link:
(If this link violates the forum rules lmk and I’ll remove it)

I think I’d feel better just sending the money directly to them.

From past history; sending money directly to ‘people’ to be passed on to Charities; hasn’t been a good bet.

I personally don’t see a middleman option as an option.

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OR, send the yoyos to Steve, and he can send them out to the first X amount of people to donate.

I understand your concern when it comes to having a middleman in charity donations, but I did offer to send the yoyos to Steve and he asked me to just sell them myself and send the money over to them because they don’t have a store yet. I can show you the email if you want.

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I know eBay has the option of an auction for a charity. I’m not sure if Purple Yoyo is a recognized charity.

However, I bid, I am trusting you to honor your word (regardless of who wins yoyo), and, I thank you for doing this.

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I saw the donation option when I went to list this but PurpleYoYo is unfortunately not one of ebay’s charity options. Thank you so much for bidding!

Less than a day left everyone!!! Come on let’s raise some money for a good cause!

I won! When I get the yoyo and have a chance to put it through its paces I will share my review. Either way, August is suicide prevention month, so, I’m happy to help Purple Yoyo

Thanks to wolfwithamelon for doing this.

Thank you for bidding! I’ve donated the money, hope you enjoy the yoyo!

The yoyo arrived, it is very, very nice. I thought the logo was burned in or engraved, it isn’t. However, I do have some purple ink that permanently bonds to cellulose…I may color over the logo with that ink to make it pop just a bit.

The aesthetic sugggestion aside, this yoyo plays great. It loops well, it stalls well, kick flips well, I’m impressed. Of course, the yoyo isn’t what is causing me to miss tricks, that’s all me :slight_smile:

The left image is after coloring in the logo with purple ink, the right is before