Yoyo drive?

I’ve seen people suggesting it ever since i first went on yoyoexpert, but I don’t think its been done before except for the one that totalartist made a while back. I made this thread with the idea that an extremely trustworthy forum member(s) might see it and maybe be able to start one? If it ever happened, i would definitely do it. My concept of a yoyo drive is that one or more forum members would be able to accept donations, and then they would distribute it to people around the U.S and possibly the rest of the world who are in need (or want) of a functioning yoyo.

This is just an idea, but what do you guys think about this?

EDIT: I forgot about totalartists most recent ewndeavor.

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This sounds like a cool idea except for one problem. Everyone wants a Yoyo that works however not every one needs that Yoyo. However I would be all for it since I’m feeling generous around the holidays.

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Supbreh’ your heart is always in the right place :wink: I was able to pull off a donation, and receive 44 throws almost two years ago, thanks to the many who contributed (you of course). For those who were not around then, the throws were mailed to NH Yo-Yo Club. NH Yo-Yo Club has gone on to grow in membership, they ran their first contest last Spring, and they now have an indoor facility, and Andre’s support too. It was pretty cool, because being willing to accept throws in any condition and in any style, as long as they played true, was the key to getting some really useful stuff.

My most recent effort, with the contest, was not quite what I expected. But, on the other hand, it makes sense that people who hang out on a yo-yo forum, probably already have several good yo-yos. We had some fun in there anyway.

I wouldn’t mind doing another one like I did for NH Club, but they would have to be mailed to some reliable source for me to get behind it. I had people mail the NH Club donations to the founder, and I know him personally, so I was confident to get behind it, and help him get throws in case kids showed up but did not have one.

But, I’ve learned that making a cause where there isn’t a need, does not work out well. The idea can definitely work, but for me to ask people to donate their property, there has to be some credible information about what will happen with the stuff. In other words, some organized situation, where a club or organization is legitimately set up and already running toward a specific goal.

That donation thread was so much fun…I miss it.


The main issue I see with this is that most people who are even remotely aware of yoyoing as a hobby (enough to find/post on YYE, at least) all really have enough yoyos. Some are much, much more limited in their spending limit than others (whether it be because their parents restrict their spending for one reason or another, adults that simply cannot budget multiple high end metals, students pinching pennies for books over throws, etc), but as far as I’m concerned if someone has a single $60-100 retail yoyo they really don’t need a charity yoyo. I bought an 888 in 2008 (admittedly probably paid $120 or whatever retail was so over $100 but whatever) and I would be completely fine if I never purchased/owned a 2nd yoyo. I’m extremely thankful to be successful enough to have the disposable income to purchase/collect/try as many yoyos as I have, but the reality is that any 1 of the yoyos in my collection would be sufficient.

Not to rain on your parade, since I do think it is a cool idea and your heart is in the right place. I have a number of throws that I suspect will take a fairly long time to find the right buyer on my BST (mint/nm high end metals, not beat rejects) that I would happily donate a few of to someone TRULY deserving to pay it forward in a cool community for a hobby that I really enjoy. The problem is that between the anonymity of the internet and the stuff I just said about how I feel about people “needing” a yoyo I don’t really have enough faith to just send someone free money. Additionally, I honestly believe that if someone is truly dedicated to get into yoyoing that it really can’t be that difficult to save up a few bucks to buy a Speedaholic or something to see if they enjoy the hobby (word on the street has it that this throw is an absolute steal anyway, I haven’t tried one) and if they stick with it, save up a few more bucks and pick up a Shutter or some other excellent value metal throw. Where there’s a will there’s a way.


Thank you, both of you. I understand how complicated this really is, but i do wish that people that need or want to have a decent yoyo but don’t have the funds to pay for one gets one. Even if this yoyo drive idea never takes off, everyone should remember to be generous with their throws to people who need em! Reading “oops” comment, it seems that an online yoyo drive is a bit questionable. Maybe if there was almost some movement where people put a sign up at clubs or contests in from of a “donations case” and people that really cant afford a decent yoyo can petition to get one? My ideas are pretty crazy, i know, but its just an idea :stuck_out_tongue:

I think it’s a great idea. I have to be honest though. I get more pleasure out of giving something I have to someone I know (even an internet acquaintance) and knowing they like the yo-yo and will use it. Giving to someone i do not know, or have any idea if they like it or if they will use it does not give me the same feeling. The above example worked best for me, because I visit the club in question, and can see the things going to good use. I also know that the kids there have some genuine interest in yo-yo. I believe in giving, but giving smart. I do occasionally give at random, but that’s just business.

I read a lot, and I learned not to take the alleged neediness I see on the forum too seriously. If you read the posts of people complaining about yo-yo prices, you might presume they are short of cash. But, read their past posts and discover they just bought a few luxury items. They are not complaining out of neediness, they just want to spend less and get more. The same people complaining their parents won’t buy yo-yos, go to their past posts and see “my mom is going to buy me this or that” non yo-yo related thing. The posts are not out of neediness, but moreso greediness. They have plenty, but want more than plenty. We are all guilty of being greedy on some level, some more than others. The scamming in the secret santa thread is yet another example. Everyone who signed up has throws…period. Some will take, take, take, but give nothing. Being stingy, and greedy is the worst combination.

If you can do it for someone you know: go for it. I always treat my charities this way because you can guarantee that zero percent of your money gets scraped off by administrative cost. Find your way.

I’d need to know exactly who the person is first, or what the name of the organization is. If it is legit, I’d make an educated decision about counting me in, or not. If the person is not associated with another store, or something not prohibited by rules, might you post a link for us to see?

I see a slight issue with requesting specific throws, and new ones, just because not everyone will have those particular ones. It might turn away people interested in giving a yo-yo they have in good working condition. He should just take any throws, and clean them. How long has the drive been going?