travelling yoyo.

Those who are on reddit throwers know about it. But who are not. Its like one person bought a yoyo which was in this case a sage and when he outgrown it he started this and he started by sending to a person who wants to learn on it. And then he contacted one drop and one drop donated him a benchmark and he started traveling yoyo with that.

Some rules are. That the person should not have that yoyo. And the person who has the yoyo will have to pay shipping to the next person and it goes on. And you have to make a video using that yoyo. And to be in the list you have to pm him.

What I was thinking that we should do this here on yye.

Here are some of mine ideas.

One of a member can donate or give his yoyo.

5 to 10 people can contribute 10$ and that will be 50$ or 100$ and choose a yoyo by voting.

Or ask a company to give a yoyo.

I think I’ll ask a company.

This sounds like a fun idea.
I’m in.
Maybe we should try sending around a fixed axle?

or we could just partner up with the Yoyo reddit and just
Make it better the.

Maybe YYE could donate the jojo,They could include some coupon code so they would make money off of it.


A fun idea, but I have to ask the inevitable (albeit slightly negative) questions.

  1. What if someone refuses to pass it on?

  2. What if someone “loses” it or it gets “lost” in the post?

I joined this on reddit for the OD Benchmark. And the first person received it and put up a video on 4/13/15. Yet there is no word on someone else receiving it nor if he has even sent it out. I’m hoping that what you said didn’t happen but it is a possibility.

That would suck because it would be kind of hard to hunt him down and make him pass it on. Hopefully that did not happen here.

I know the guy who has it right now,played it at our last meet (saturday)

Yes we can do that but the waiting list on reddit is too long another one started might be good.

Then we can’t do nothing LoL. No we will only give it to trusted people.

They will have give the name in waiting list and only after getting good amount off details that person can enter.

We could just have everyone post their own review and then we would get reviews from a lot of skill levels.

Also, it would be interesting to do this with a couple newer yoyos.
Also, instead of getting one Benchmark to send around, we could get 3 Replays.

Then if at the end if someone wants to keep it, they could put up some money to get a new one to send around?

I wasn’t looking for a benchmark I was thinking something like yoyofactory cyborg 2.0 or a yoyofactory 2 HOT. Or something like that.

Oh yeah I just meant instead of one medium priced yoyo we could get a couple cheap ones that seem to be currently popular.


I agree. It seems there would have to be a “feedback” requirement to ensure it might have a chance of lasting long enough. And, when the throw needs maintenance, some people will take care of it themselves, others will not. I think it’s a fun idea, but not much chance of success. I’ve seen it work on other forums, but it has to be among a tight knit group of really, really, reliable people.

id say your feedback has to be over at least five… thats what the coordinator of the secret santa did and it seemed to work out pretty well

Sorry, but 5 what?

trade feedback
the little red number next to your name… yours is zero…