travelling yoyo.

5, the number, after 4 and before 6.

Ohhhh ok.
Well that makes sense, but I’m kind of against it because I have a zero because I havn’t got anything to trade :stuck_out_tongue:

Don’t worry about it man, I haven’t made the cut either, and I’ve been here for 2 years. :stuck_out_tongue:

we may be able to make a kind of hybrid program using trust, and feedback…

It might get messy, but I’d be ok with putting down a small deposit.

Yeah trust and feedback is a good idea thnk for suggestion.

how about this… you have a group of people donate to get into the pass around that way the money can be used to by a yoyo everyone agrees on to pass around… at the end of the circle everyone has a choice to buy the yoyo and if its sold then that money is used to buy a new yoyo that way the group continues to pass around yoyos and since they pretty much know each other they will keep each other accountable.

This is a idea in the original post but the buy the buying in the end is new idea. Suggestions suggestions. HMmm

No one’s sending a yoyo to India anyway so don’t worry so much about it lol

It is a great idea, but I see where it could fail. What happens if the person accidentally loses the yoyo? Ex. He dropped it down a drain because the string snapped lol.

Yeah, I think you need a lot more than 10 feedback to ensure that the yo-yo gets from place to place, and that it might be properly maintained in the meantime, so that it lasts for the entire journey.

Then, if it leaves the country, you need to pay for full tracking, to make sure it doesn’t get lost, which most people will be unwilling to do. So, it might be best to set a geographical region for travel.

If the yo-yo doesn’t complete it’s journey, for any reason, it wouldn’t end up being nearly as much fun.

It doesn’t only have to be a trade even buying a second hand yoyo or sell it it is also counted.

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