Advice from Professional Throwers needed

Hi Fellow Throwers my name is Daniel and I’m 14 years of Age from Australia , I’ve loved Yoyos since I was 4 , I love Yoyos so much Dad is helping me build a little website so I can sell Yoyos , my dream is to have a wonderful website like Yoyo Expert one Day So I can work from home as I have Autism and not very good in Social situations at the moment , any advice in making my website better from everyone will be very much appreciated my site is theautisticyoyoman

Thank u for taking the time to read my post ,From Down under - Daniel signing out.


I’m not sure if yo-yo skill is required to offer you marketing advice :innocent:

YoYoExpert grew because it offered a community space on forums and the best product. I would encourage you to create space for your local community and also show some discretion in the product you offer to focus more on genuine. Not sure if you are aware but you have some straight up bootleg stuff available.

When selling to non-yo-yo players, introducing them to yo-yo you need to offer them something to get them in. Free education in the form of trick videos, flashy YouTube content or even reviews of the products you offer.

I see you are getting active on Facebook, make sure you post on all your channels. Same content is ok. It might reach more people.

It’s great to see more yo-yo interest in Australia. Good luck with your store!


Thank you very much for your reply , that is excellent reply , I appreciate it , what ones are bootleg , I’ll tell dad to take them off , I will follow your great advice truly , Have a Excellent Day - Daniel

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I too would like to know what is bootleg. I looked at everything and nothing jumped out.

I’m guessing Ben is referring to the Infinity lineup being sold… Specifically the voodoo since it seems to be a knockoff YYF 888. I don’t have any experience in this to be able to offer advice but I’ll echo Ben’s comments about building a community. If you look at the two most popular US yoyo stores of the internet era YYN/YYE they both had/have that in common.

Good luck it certainly seems like it could be a fun little business to be in if you can make it work!

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Thanks guys , Dad said he got the infinity s from a wholesaler in England , hes not sure which one could be a bootleg either , ??

Compared with the Infinity voodoo here - voodoo-whole1

how’d u even get this template! It’s awesome. I always wondered how to create a website like this one with shopping.

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Hi Allen

We used Wix for my site , it is very user friendly, Dad and I Argue all the time on the design , I normally Win.