Unknown brands yoyoexpert.com should carry but dont!

;D a major example is [yo]2! Some of its yoyos are 1 of a kind, and should be carried on the worlds best yoyo site!

Yo2 is a finished company, I don’t think they make yoyos anymore.

they still do, just no more new models. Pocket pros and tom khun still make yoyos too (that are good) but yoyoexpert doesnt carry them.

FoxlandPrecisionYoYos nuff said

Good call.

Magic Yo

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peterfish yoyo

Square wheels.

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what if yoyoexpert started selling other skill toys like astrojax or footsacks?


Sometimes suppliers have certain agreements with other companies out there and are only sold through them and yye isn’t one of them sometimes. And in some cases yye wasn’t given the right to sell certain items because of the same reason. Them not selling some stuff might not be their fault. Other times, yye wouldn’t make a profit off it so why should they carry it. Say a magic is 30 bucks on a China website but yye is expected to get the wholesalers price of 25 bucks. Then shipping from China now they sale it to you for 30 bucks and they paid on average 31 bucks to list it. Not going to work. no company sells for a loss of profit. Not to mention with as many companies as they are already suppoerting, don’t you think they got enough on their plate. I applaud them for what they have. Happy throw’n!

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Freewing yoyos…if only they were easier to get within the states

I was about to say ay oh duh, but that would put most American manufacturers outta business.

I’d really love some RUSSELLs though… hint hint!

Ehhh, what’s the point. It’s a very niche item. BC/Whatsnext sold kendama on their website and the went broke…


You can shape a turd to be a rose but it’s still a turd. You can spell turd other ways too but it’s still a turd!

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if yye started getting more brands they problably wouldn’t sell w/all the popular brands out there (a.k.a, YYJ, YYF, Duncan )