List of companies yoyo expert needs


Active people (at least the Delta) and BIST (don’t yell at me about this one, I don’t know much about the company, they could be out of business.




Magic yoyo
Aero yo
And please yoyoofficer


I’d like to see those for sure.

I’d also like to see Japan Tech, which seems to specialize in off-stings. I just ordered some of their stuff, hope it’s good stuff!

Well, I don’t completely agree. I’d like to see Magic YoYo not be carried by YYE only so I can get them cheap off Ebay!

  1. YoyoOfficer
  2. Top-Yo
  3. YoyoMonster
  4. Japan Tech


FreeWing and YoyoOfficer would be wonderful.


Probably not Aero Yo, most of their stuff are rebranded Aoda yoyos. Would like to see the newer Auldey stuff, YoyoOfficer, and Magic Yoyo.


Wouldn’t mind seeing some more YYR around here.



Sturm Panzer surely!


Yoyo miracle
Audley, the newer not bootleg products. Marcus koh sig please!
Those wooden c bearing yoyos mrcnja makes!
Yoyo officer
Jekel and hyde spins :wink:

Agreed with studio, if yoyoexpert sells magic yoyo, there values will go up.


myy’s price wouldn’t increase if yye were to start carrying them. It’s not just ebay that sells them dirt cheap, it’s everywhere. I don’t think I’ve seen a store carry them for over $15. YYE is still a business, and as such, they have to have competitive prices. They wouldn’t mark something way over what it’s worth because a. we already know how much a myy is worth, and b. almost no one would buy them when they could get them elsewhere for cheaper.

I don’t foresee Andre putting them up for sale anyway though.

I agree very much so with japan tech. I would love to get my hands on some of their throws, but I can’t justify spending $150+ for them from a certain overpriced store.
Also, bist, foxland precision, and alchemy yoyos. I don’t think bist really makes production runs of well… anything, and I’m not sure if the other two are still making new stuff.


Hey Dynikus, I think the reason they think they’d be marked up… is because at a different US store they are marked up… for instance a T5 is like $25-30. I think the reason given was they had to replace the bearings? Either way, they all sold out at that store regardless of them being marked up double


Oh, I guess that makes sense, kinda. I retract my previous statement then.