Magic yoyos?

why does yoyoexpert not have magic yoyos? i think their really good for the price. :-\

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We will never truly know why… your about to get a lot of opinions on the topic

Can’t we just agree that the people in charge of the store made a decision not to and it’s not really any of our business why they made that decision.

here’s a pretty good thread where Magic yoyo’s were discussed… there are several more

Because the magic yoyo companies test on animals and Andre is totally against it.

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That has to be the post of the day! ;D

Purists - No don’t buy because they cause famine and disease. They are knockoffs just because the look like 99.9% of every other yoyo.

Economists - China is the devil!

Fanboys - your dumb if you don’t buy the newest brand X. It so so much better than everything. EVERYTHING EVER !!! (Add foaming at the mouth.)

Realist - cheap play great.

In my experience they play fine. Cheap enough that who cares if you ding. I have bought multiples and given them to friends and family when they have shown interest.

There is not enough mark up on these items to be worth it. In order to make it worth selling would be double or more the most popular auction website.

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Don’t waste your time on YoyoMagic.

Get yourself something from YoyoOfficer or Top-Yo. Much better yoyo for the $.

Top-Yo: Earth, Cloud
YoyoOfficer: Crayon, Brave, Aura.

Less than $60; and fabulous.

These are the kinds of companies and yo-yo’s that YYE should bring on-board.

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I think it’s one of those “low price leader” things.

Besides, those of us who want the Magic YoYos are already shopping cheapest price anyways. I think YYE has decided it just isn’t worth the time and investment in inventory. No offense to YYE, but I’m also going to shop price when I can, just like anyone else.

I am finding vendors for specific brands and models, and whenever possible I do stick with them

They are good, and not just for the price. That’s some good stuff no matter how you slice it.

There are also many other brands I’d like to see YYE carry, most being “budget-friendly” metals, which include Magic and other brands.

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So it has nothing to do with animals then?

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I do have 3 N12s. I think they call it the Shark of Honor, Honor Shark, shark…, depending on where you get it. Did they use real sharks? The world may never know.

It’s the patent issue, MYY bearings are similar to KK’s and it’d be illegal to sell them because there’s a patent for them here in the US, where YYE is based out of. I know what you’re thinking “why not just tell MYY to put flat bearings in their throws?” or “why not just trade out the bearings to regular bearings?” Well, MYY mass produces it’s yoyo’s, so each and every throw ends up with the same bearing, and it’d cost too much to make a special run of throws with different bearings for the company and switching out the bearings for flats would end up ruining the yoyo’s “budget metal value” and also risk Andre losing money to yoyos that get damaged in the switching process. It’d be too complicated to have the yoyos here on YYE.

I believe that if you buy godtricks yoyos else where, from over seas i think, they come with the Kk bearings.
Correct me if I’m wrong.

MYY’s upset some people, so it’s better left out of the store. There’s plenty of brands that aren’t here, but if any certain brand causes negativity in the YYE atmosphere, then there’s no reason to even consider stocking it.

As for yoyo’s themselves, yes they are the real deal. Get an N12.

Magic yoyos are some of the nicest yoyos I have thrown. Not just for the price, but yoyo’s period. Those who say things against them are often over americanized wanna purist who focus more on ethics than play of a yoyo.

I’m all about playing yoyo, and couldn’t care less about where the yoyo comes from, what the company does or supports, cause if it plays good, and has a good price, Ill throw it, period, end of story, close the freaking book.

YYE doesn’t sell them, simply because, they don’t feel they need to, and that is respectable, as no yoyo store NEEDS to sell any given brand. Its their choice, for their own reasons.
Is it a shame? Maybe, but it’s not some horrible offense for them not to, or anything that should be seen as bad.