How good is the magic yo brand?

I have a few. The n9 is the best one. Theyre definitely great for just starting into advanced tricks but you will quickly outgrow then. Good prices for a decent yoyo but soon after you touch your first clyw youll forget theyre even in your case.

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No. You won’t forget. They play like $110+ yoyo. Trust me, you’ll like them. You haven’t seen the treads praising Magic Yoyos for their high quality looks, feel and performance?

Got a T6 undersized, what I like to throw, for under $10 off eBay.
Took a while to get it but geezz was it ever worth it.

I agree. The n9 is their best yoyo. I think you can find it on ebay or amazon for about $20. Side note: they have some pretty good colors.
The n9 plays just like a $100 yoyo. I am not joking at all. I let my friend try it and he loved it. Then I told him it was $20 and his jaw dropped. I would prefer this yoyo over my Metal GM2 (sometimes) and I like it just as much as my beater spyy pro(smooth). The only reason I don’t like it better than my SPYY pro is that it is not that gooxd for horizontal

Magic Yo makes really nice stuff for an awesome price… My MagicYo T5 greatly out played my YYR Stardust V.1 as well as many other $100 plus yoyo’s!

MagicYo is by far the best bang for the buck in the yoyo world!

I agree, I recently received an n9 and it is amazing. I took off the z stacks and it outplays many of my other throws. All of the magic yoyos are excellent and I love the bearing that they come with.

Thanks everyone for the positive feed back I recently purchased the n8 can’t wait for it to get here. The place I purchased it did not have the n9 but still stoked for the n8 : )

has anyone tried the new n11? they are already available at, maybe i should get one, to keep my n9 company ;D

Not yet, but I also can’t wait to try it! I love the design.

Looking at the model line of the Magic Yoyo “Brand”, is like looking at a “whats new” section of any yoyo retail website.

Amazing how they can make yo-yos that look like they were designed by so many different manufacturers. What is the signature Magic Yoyo shape or quality? I know what CLYW is like. I know what OneDrops are like - but Magic - they seem to have something like … just about… everybody.

Magic Yo is just another Asian entry from the Genghis Khan school of economic development. Hey, why innovate your own new ideas when it is so much easier to steal the work of others? Your bargain yoyo is subsidized by those of us that support the manufacturers that are truly designing and developing new yo-yos - not poorly copying the work of others.

And yet, some steal from the Chinese companies and then while and point the finger and blame the other way as well.

The Magic YoYo stuff is decent stuff. Buy it or don’t. It won’t hurt my feelings either way.

They haven’t stolen any designs. They’re all originals.

Chill for some people its hard to afford a yoyo priced at a 40$ and up. And for those earlier who posted reviews I got a N 9 : )

I borrowed my friends gold T8 for a while. I LOVED it.

You can say magic yos designs are similar but they are not at all the exact design and only like 2 of their yoyos have similar designs

Like a $25 yoyo is going to completely steal yyr or clyw buisness

The fact that their designs are all different points to the fact that they are stealing the inspiration from others. They do not have to copy the shapes exactly; that is not the point. When I show you a picture of a Yoyorecreation - it is pretty obvious who the manufacturer is. When I show you a picture of a Turning point, yoyoskeel, yoyojoker, CLYW - you know instantly who the maker is. This speaks to both the need to brand as well as bring something unique and new to the marketplace to garner sales. This process of INNOVATION requires many prototypes and wasted time and effort on failed designs to eventually arrive at a real product. This is expensive and explains why yoyo sell for more than the cost of production.

Clearly, Magic yoyo is not going to steal away the business of a CLYW. But every time you buy one, you deprive a real designer of a sale. Yes YOU saved money. But in the long-run this is what we call an economic dis-incentive. You are making a short-term choice at the expense of your long-term economic interests. Over time, Magic Yoyo will steal enough of these “soft” sales so that young, innovative companies will increasingly see less of a margin for them to attempt new ideas and designs. The result will be less new companies, less choice for the consumer and less innovation in the marketplace.

Yes, you saved money, but the new CLYW is never founded, because consumers are devoting their money to of rip-offs instead of innovations.

Listen to the guy who said that as soon as you get a CLYW you will forget all about the Magic Yo. The old adage is still true: You get what you pay for.

Save your $ and get the real deal.

Have you ever actually tried a magic yoyo? If I showed you this picture,
what company does it remind you of? How about this one?
What manufacturer does that make you think of?$(KGrHqJ,!n8E63WLnNfPBOz0!oi1Sg~~60_35.JPG


You are kidding… right?

YoyoSkeel - anything, YYJ Phenom (they rounded the edges - clever), YYF Genesis.

Who else puts a metal ring in the walls of the yoyo? YoyoJam is the only one I know of… Oh yeah - there is Magic Yo. Wonder where they got the idea from… I bet it was exhaustive design and testing.

just because the 2nd has a metal rings on it doesnt mean its a phenom copy

and the 3rd is not even close to a genesis the rim then curve to the response and the size is all different

their are plenty of other brands doing the same thing except no one is complaining about it