Thoughts on MagicYoYo

Hey fellow YYE users! I just wanted to start a thread about MYY. Do you like it? Why? If you don’t, why not? Personally it’s my current favorite yoyo company, and I was wondering if anybody on here agreed?

I feel like this topic came up over 5 times just today.

Good company. Budget throws.
I still prefer any usa over magic :slight_smile:

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They make great throws. At least so far that’s what I think. I have a magistrate and a t5 overload and I have a N12 on the way but its gonna take a while because its coming from china. To be honest the only reason anyone ever has anything bad to say about magic is because of their low price. They rather think that the reason the price is low is because they aren’t up to par and don’t want to believe that a quality aluminum throw could sell for that much. It makes you feel like the brand loyalty they have for some Yoyo companies isn’t right because how can magic Yoyo sell throws so cheap but here in the USA it’s like 100+ for a legit throw. I personally like magic but still spend a lot of money on other throws from CLYW and general yo. If I went broke I would throw magic only. I’m excited for this n12 to get here and use the magic throws as throws ill bring along wherever I’m going and they’re the throws I recommend to someone wanting a metal but not wanting to drop a pretty penny

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Ehh, no. It’s more the case that a fair amount of their yoyos are conceptually taken from previously designed yoyos. Also, their quality control isn’t all that great.

More of a morality thing than anything else.

I just got a T5 Overlord last week and it’s a very solid throw, especially for its price. It’s a weird to think that I spent more on all my other throws (except for my PSG) yet the T5 is currently my top player. But I suppose that’s what happens when a company commits to dumping. Personally, I’m very satisfied with their product, and I plan to buy more yoyos from them in the future.

Part of me feels slightly guilty for buying magic yoyo… with their “predatory pricing” people keep talking about (p.s. you better have a good understanding of economics, markets, regulations in China and all that good stuff before even thinking about buying a magic yoyo. If you still feel compelled to buy one you should feel pretty awful about yourself ::)) Also, make sure you check all your clothes, cars, electronics, jewelery, alcohol, cigarettes, GUNS, sunglasses, dentistry products, you might as well throw out your silverware, dishes, all the food in your pantries and refrigerator (just throw the refrigerator out too). Start taking crowbars and ripping your sinks out, roll your rugs up, take out your lightbulbs, take your childrens toys out of their hands, heck… I wouldn’t even be surprised if our money was printed off shore… so maybe toss that too? Or maybe you can burn it to keep yourself warm after getting rid of your furnace cuz it’s probably made in China…Make sure you double check all that stuff… and NEVER, EVER, I repeat, NEVER even think about stepping into a Walmart.

It makes me feel bad because it takes business ($13) away from these other companies who sell yoyo’s that are ridiculously marked up ($160+). Someone please tell me how much profit per pop these companies are making, because to me it seems like I’m getting robbed BLIND, so please correct me and make me look foolish… Please tell me I’m wrong and they only make like $5 per throw. Oh, and right… they do this for a living… sorry but in my belief I cannot even afford to live off a REAL honest 9-5… how do you expect to make a living off selling yoyos? I’m not saying it’s not possible, heck more power to you if you make it possible… I’m just clearly stating that I’m barely scraping it with my job punching the clock everyday… and that’s WITH buying the cheapest “crap”* 9 times out of 10 when given the option. *crap being subjective

But I guess they gotta ship the yoyos to and fro, here and there, get them machined here, sent back, sent to get anodized with 3+ different colors a piece in a neighboring country, sent back, sent to get engraved in another country, sent back for testing and boxing, spend time hyping them up to all these hypebeasts so that people can get their wallets ready, and all this other stuff that’s out of our hands yet we still should feel bad for not being loyal to them and paying their mark ups. I guess I should blame myself for not being able to afford $160 throws, I guess we (or in some of your cases, your parents) should slave ourselves to afford these throws. My job cut my hours to 30 a week to avoid giving me health insurance. If I worked all week I could afford a brand new spankin CLYW with less than 1/3 of my paycheck left for that week (probably much less than 1/3; if you wanna take taxes into account… which don’t get me started, I HAVE HALF OF EVERY CHECK TAKEN AND I GOT STUBS TO PROVE IT). To me the product, price, and value all don’t meet EYE TO EYE. As in, I absolutely cannot justify buying a brand new CLYW, YYF, or any over-valued yoyo.

Here’s where the sarcasm ends.

I do believe it is a priviledge to own these sub-$200 yoyo’s. I cannot afford to purchase these yoyo’s, and I am not jealous. I am humble enough to admit that I am content with purchasing these fantastic Magic YoYo’s. I don’t have a problem with you buying expensive throws, so you shouldn’t have a problem with me buying cheap throws. Even if the cheap throws didn’t exist, I probably would not buy your high end yoyo’s, so I’m really not taking away business from these guys.

God bless USA, seriously. I love what this country is supposed to stand for, and I love General Yo for making 100% USA made throws. I buy two of each to support Ernie and his business. That’s all I can really afford to spend on genuine USA yoyo’s… and I wouldn’t want my business to go to any other “company”.

But I think it’s time to admit that self-gain and greed has really driven US markets to really burn themselves in the long run

TL;DR: I’m just a consumer, I’m not out there making a quick buck off people like me. I’m working slaving myself to do services for people like you. Sure maybe if all of our business was kept local, then maybe there would be more job opportunities and I would have a better paying job, and be able to freely blow $200 on a single piece of (non high grade) aluminum… but I’m just a product of this market environment, and I do apologize for buying these amazing and cheap yoyo’s from China. Welcome to the Free Market Punks…

P.S. One drop is also pretty darn stellar in my book for BRINGING business INTO the U.S… Good job mates! That is truly commendable!

One confused, depressed, disappointed twenty something year old with half a brain.


^^this kind of made me happy.

If this “dumping” is really happening, how do you explain the long term existence of companies like Aoda and Auldey? That’s a serious question. Wouldn’t they have gone out of business by now?

Where’s the proof of anyone’s claims about any of these Chinese yoyo manufacturers?

I have seen fanboys spout this nonsense since the day I joined this forum and I have yet to see one person substantiate their assertions that Chinese yoyo companies rip everyone off and sell at a loss and have no original products.

(The exception to this is Qixia. Either they develop yoyos for every company out there, or their ability to mimic is top notch.)

Something I’ve been holding back since I started using MYY, my first yoyo was a t5, due to not wanting to start a flame war.

In the generations of yoyos we have now you can’t really say “you ripped off such and such”. The general designs of yoyos have been refined so much that you can group together a bunch of +$100 yoyos and say “hmm they look similar, who ripped off who?”

To be fair… when Auldey and Aoda started out they did directly copy some US designs, but they seemed to move on and produce their own stuff pretty quickly. I haven’t seen an Auldey or Aoda bootleg in… 5 years??? Which is longer than most people on this forum have been playing…

What I find really, really funny… is when the the so-called “bootlegs” have been in existence before the “originals”. So, who’s bootlegging who anyway? I’ll buy what my pocket allows (with the exception of obvious knock-offs).

Magic yoyos are awesome! Honestly, I don’t buy all that “we’re a small, boutique manufacturer with exceptional quality control” crap. I’ve played too many Chinese yoyos to know that their standards are high.

When you consider how many western brands are released with defects (anti-yo, “normal CLYW vibe”, Hspin’s “flaw to love”), it’s clear that expensive, western, boutique manufacturing isn’t always as high-end as it’s made out to be.

Besides, China probably needs your money more than the US needs your money. Instead of throwing money away, you could just support 3rd world economies instead.

OK lets think for a second…
How much does the US owe China??

Well they bailed us the banks out…

SO i guess we owe them like 200 billion dollars. Or 15,384,615,384 magic yoyos.

This isn’t much of a Looking for Help thread anymore, but hey, why not talk about it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Another thing to be considering if the throws are in fact good, why do C3 throws cost so much if they’re manufactured in China? Where is MagicYoyo in the community?

I know. Idk why it showed up here! Lol

I’ve been wondering this too… kind of why I haven’t bought their product yet. I’m guessing it’s something like “they’re different” ::slight_smile:

Magic Yoyo sponsors contests in Asia. They don’t have much of a presence here at all. Then again, we aren’t their target market. I’ve seen photos and such with their logo on the banner behind the stage.

Cool, good to know. I’m looking into snagging one in the next couple of days probably. Wouldn’t be a bad idea I guess. :-X

Evrey yoyo is a ripoff…
In 1929 an entrepreneur named Donald F. Duncan recognized the potential of this new fad and purchased the Flores Yo-yo Corporation and all its assets, including the Flores name, which was transferred to the new company in 1932 - the same year that the name “Yo-yo” was first registered as a trademark[10] and Harvey Lowe won the first World Yo-Yo Contest in London, England.
So was Duncan…

The responses on this thread are so foolish that it is actually depressing.

As many have noted: “Magic Yo does not have much of a presence here…” That is because they are pricing their yoyos below the price of production.

The thesis of most of these posts is:

  1. Magic Yo sells their Sleipnir copy for $25.
  2. YYR sells their Sleipnir for $200.
  3. YYR, and all other manufacturers that charge retail MUST be ripping me off.

Hey guys, Memo: Businesses in China do not have the same basis as businesses in the USA, or any other western country for that matter. You are projecting the business and competitive cost mechanisms from the USA to China that simply do not exist. Chinese businesses do not have the same capitalist incentives that an individual business in the USA have; nor do they have the cost structures. There are actually incentives to sell at or below cost to attract foreign capital into China due to the artificial valuation of the Yuan. So assuming that their cost of business and definition of “profit/loss” are the same as ours is ludicrous. Flaying real, tax-paying, for profit businesses here in the USA because they cannot match these state-subsidized prices is most unfair.

The most important thing to remember is that the Chinese market is largely closed to foreign competition. This means that Magic Yo has 1.2 Billion Chinese customers all to themselves that they can easily recover their “losses” when they sell you a $25 yoyo. How many CLYW, OneDrop, YYR are sold in China? What are the duties that must be paid to get those yo-yos into China for sale? Typically the import duties are more than the item itself if the item is manufactured outside of China. This keeps foreign competition out and moves production into China so it its workers can learn new skills and technology can be “absorbed”.

This is the basis of all real business friction with China. The only business that like this arrangement is Wall St. That is why it is allowed to continue. As long as there remains this uneven playing field - China will continue to have incentive to export domestic Chinese inflation to the USA in the form of debt-securites purchases. These large scale bond acquisitions by the Chinese government is literally the fuel that makes Wall St. run.

They have a Sleipnir copy? News to me.

I caved and bought a T5 and T6. At the worst, I might have two bearings to clean. We’ll see what happens. ::slight_smile: