Ok...I'm a convert


Even though I have tried yoyos of various price ranges all the way up through the outrageous, and liked many along the way, I’d never really tried one of these extremely cheap Chinese metals…such as the Magic Yo in this thread. T8 to be exact. My collection mainly consists of way, way, way more high end metals than anyone should own, and the “hot” plastics, and I did that because those caught my fancy. I wanted “the best”.

Anyhow, I’m currently at Otakon (an big anime con) and I had forgotten my throw. I was throw-less. So, lo and behold, among hundreds of vendors of Chinese and Japanese goods just one happens to have a few diabolos. Poked around further, and found the only yoyo for sale at the entire convention, just kind of packed away in a hard to find little corner of the booth.

This Magic T8. Snapped it up in a heartbeat, only 12 bucks. The vendor acted like she didn’t even know what it was, like she’s been carrying it for years and no one ever asked. I’ve been playing this thing all night…and I’ll just be a monkey’s uncle if this isn’t a fantastic throw. I love playing it. Dead smooth, feels right, good response, just excellent.

So…I am a convert. If I decide to start building the collection again, I’m going to focus on trying more things I might not have, and spending less in the process, because this throw offered every bit of the “new yoyo excitement”, plays great, and cost less than a hamburger and drink at the con. I know I’m not the first to bring up the brand, but thumbs up from me.



Never let price be a determining factor of what is or isn’t good.

Glad you’re enjoying it.

When I’m doing SacAnime at the end of August/Beginning of September, I’ll see if any of the vendors are carrying anything. It’s doubtful, but what the heck. I got nothing else better to do than either sit at the big sound desk while anime fans get into arguments with voice-over actors, so might as well split and hit the vendor hall at least once or twice a day.

I’ve been super pleased with this brand. Cheap, yet seems to be really good quality, well made durable goods.


Yep, MYY is pretty slick. My mind kind of exploded when I throw my Overlord. I mean, 10 bucks for a full metal yoyo? Claims have been made on their quality, but I’ve had no problems. And there seems to be some grey area about them and why some don’t like them, but hey.

Sometimes it takes a cheap throw to open the eyes. I’m all about mid priced throws with my recent purchase of a Silly Goose and @

Glad you’re enjoying it!

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Kind of ironic that before reading this today, I bought one to fill out the $25 free shipping requirement for amazon. Glad to know it wasn’t wasted money.


That’s deep man. Interesting perspective.


I totally agree about magic yoyos I have a t5 and n9. Both good throws. I had to take the stacks off the n9 because they were SO loud. Want to try a few more of em.


I love magic yoyos. The nice thing is you don’t have to worry about scratching it or anything because they are super cheap to replace. But they take so long to get here from china :frowning:

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I love my N12. It plays great, but why so cheap? It’s not that I dislike the price. YYF is made in the same town. Why does YYF cost more than MYY? Both are good quality. Yet higher end YYF cost like 40 dollars more. My N12 and Supernova are my favorites. (haven’t updated profile yet) But the nearly equal play of my N12 makes me slightly question the YYF markup. However, this won’t stop me from liking YYF. I still enjoy my Supernova.


You know how when you go the store to buy bottled water, and one brand costs more than the other? They really are just both water. Sometimes the extra price that you pay is really for the logo.

This doesn’t directly apply to MYY’s being cheaper than YYF’s because they are different yoyo’s, but it is sort of the same idea.


Ben would tell you quality control is why YYF cost more. You usually don’t have to worry about getting a bad yoyo.

That being said I bought a Dark Sprite GITD and it’s great. Doesn’t play near the Rally in my opinion, but it’s currently the best GITD in the market that I know of.


I’ve never had any bad experience with myy except that the stacks are super loud, the bearings suck (in the stacks), and replacement parts for the stacks are basically impossible to find. That aside, their throws are great for the price. They’re (probably) cheaper because they’re made in china by small children for .10 cents a day, have nearly no marketing costs, and taxes on things from American are horrible. There’s basically nothing left that’s made in America, if you can point something out to me that is solely made in America I’d love to hear about it. Even most things “made in American” are simply assembled in America. Likewise I’d venture to wager that even the American made throws are made using machinery that was either made in china, or assembled in America, from parts that came from China.


My first metals were the T5 and the N12, I think I paid like 25 for both of them. It was nice because I couldn’t afford mid price throws at the time, and I was learning so I beat them up pretty thoroughly. The T5 is still my favorite beater :slight_smile:


The bearings for the Magic YoYo stacks are as follows:

If I get some time, I may stop by the RC store. They aren’t convenient to me. They did have some awesome B-sized bearings when I went there a while ago. Who knows what other goodies they might have. Might be a good way to score some better and quieter bearings.


If you find some that clean up well, would you consider picking me up a pair as well? Also, I noted on another post you mentioned having a database or spreadsheet regarding… Response sizes or possible axel sizes? I cant recall for sure but i remember thinking that would be useful. Would you be willing to share that?


Nobody seemed to want it, so I gave up after adding about 600 yoyos to the list. But yes, it does have all that information. I abandoned the project. Plus, too much new stuff was being released and I can’t keep up with all that effectively.

If you want it, it’s a downloadable file on my Facebook skill toy group. I don’t think you need to join it to get the file.


Check the “files”.

If I can get help, I’d love to start that project up again.

Be patient on the bearings. I don’t get a chance to get out to the RC store that often. I’m swamped between now and SacAnime at the end of the month, but I may be going to some sort of toy show the weekend after and I will be stopping by the RC store. Maybe I’ll just be skipping the toy show and just hit the RC store. I have a friend going to the toy show and if there’s nothing I want, no point in going.


It would be great to set it up as a searchable database hosted on the web. I would contribute to content.


We could just put it up on google docs!


MagicYoyo makes some good yoyos, but I wouldn’t buy them, because they don’t sponsor contests in my area. My opinion: don’t only buy MagicYoyo! Support your friendly neighborhood yoyo company!

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They sponsor contests. MYY sponsored the YoDown Showdown in Farmington, NM that I went to. YYF, Duncan, and Yomega were also sponsors. So I guess I should only buy from those companies right? That means no YYJ, OD, C3, or G2 for me. Guess that means any others I failed to mention are banned as well. Would be nice to try their throws, but they weren’t at the E3 children’s museum at 12 O’clock for the YoDown Showdown. Maybe I should boycott Waffle House too! They weren’t there.

Is this really supporting the yoyo community?

Boycotting certain brands for not sponsoring a local contest doesn’t help grow the community. Only well established companies would thrive. New smaller companies would have such a hard time. (if this was the mentality we all shared)


I acutually ordered a T5 a few Days ago! hope it comes today! i m really excited to try it, it looks awesome in purple, hope it plays well! would be awesome if it is as good as everyone says for that price.