Whats your opinion on Cheap Chinese throws?

Personally i own 5 Magicyoyos and 2 generic throws they are all an absolute steal, I posted a review of the M002 under the review section if your interested. I just wanted to know everyone elses view of the subject.

I think it’s an interesting issue. On one hand, I want as many people to be exposed to yoyoing as possible. And the best way to do that, is to get a yoyo in someone’s hand. So making “cheap” Chinese throws, that still function okay, doesn’t seem like such a bad thing in that case. It opens up the opportunity for this community to grow, despite economic situations.
However, one the other hand, those “cheap” made Chinese knock offs or generic throws, are taking business from established companies. Companies that care about yoyoing and the community. Those established companies support contests, players, products, tutorials, and so much more that is crucial to yoyoing. Yoyoing is more than putting a yoyo in someone’s hand, it’s the community that surrounds it, and generic Chinese throws could be the end of that.
As I see it, there’s a way to satisfy both sides. Buy a Chinese made yoyo from a reputable company. YYF makes plenty of great throws, made in China, that are at an excellent price point and they are not the only ones doing it. It is a buyers market. Go buy from a company that cares, that supports your local shop, or favorite contest. Care more about the culture and it’s sustainability than your next new throw. I guess that would be a good lesson to us all in general. That’s just how I see it though.


Thats a very good point. Thanks.

bekind-rewind made a very good point, some of what I never think of.

I do own several cheap Chinese yoyo, and to my understanding, they a good player, sometimes great.
But all of them seems like lifeless. like they just made to spin and play well, not to have a character.
I fell like that they are far better to own a throw that is well made, has been through better prototyping stage, and made with passion, than to own many throw that made just to perform well.

It’s hard to argue with a $10 N12 if someone is on a budget or wants a beater. I like MYY throws a lot. On the other hand, I can’t stand the counterfeit YYR etc. that gets peddled around.

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I learned a long time ago that Nothing will discourage an aspiring musician more than a beginners instrument. While i dont like MYY at all i would advise someone get one of theirs over the horrid “first yoyos” most people get their hands on. The dreaded imperial or butterfly from duncan. I feel those two yoyos have put off more potential yoyoers than anything thing else and have cause more people to quit than ever brought in. That and Duncan has patents on 5A play styles(?!!) and are downright liars in their marketing history (Yoyos were a weapon?(LIES))

That being said, I was given a M11 for christmas this last year, and it plays alot better than i want to admit.

I tried my friends Magic Yoyo N12 and it played amazing for $18. I personally have no problem with these cheap Chinese companies. Cheap yoyos that play great? Im not complaining. :slight_smile:

I personally have no problem with magic yoyo but I don’t like to hear about companies making the counterfeit yoyos that you sadly find.

I have a magicyoyo n5 and it plays almost as good as my yomega glide, but I don’t care for my glide much though. I guess the myy’s aren’t as good as the yomega, but I like the myy better.

To be fair, Magic Yoyo has sponsored contests before. So they have made just as much of a contribution to the community.

Hmm true.

Yes you do notice that, other than the M002 myy just play well they dont have that great new feel too them like buying a yyf or yyj. I do avoid counterfeits though, they are a waste of time.

Yeh if they take off a beloved design, i tend to avoid them hence i havent got an aoda sunshine yet, im going to get an actual 888. Myy are fine, so are some generics, but copies are a no go for me.

Throwing a few “cheap” companies into the mix here…I’m using “Cheap” as in low cost in comparison to others out there, and not referring to quality.

I played an interesting one over the weekend by Chinese company “Top Yo” (You may know them for the Neptune that dropped here a while back). I played their “Colossus” model quite a bit yesterday. This is one of their cheaper models (Under $35 range, aluminum, beautiful anodizing/acid wash) and played like a champ. Felt like a quality throw, dubbed it the “Baby Borealis” since its profile looks like a Borealis.

There’s some gems out there including my favorite from the MagicYoYo line, the T9. MagicYoYo seems to be a hit and a miss. Some of their models interest me, others that I do own cause me to ask “Why?”

I might throw Yoyofficer here into the arena too as they also have a number of gems. Quash, Tusk, Imp…

I haven’t played any of the other China-based company’s ultra low-cost yoyos, mainly stick with the kind of more well-known Chinese companies. Top Yo however seems to be impressive and their Dragonite model interests me (Bimetal under $100). I’m keeping my eyes on Top Yo.

I would suggest you to try out Yoyofficer. They’re based in china & their throws have quite a bit of personality in them. Not to mention that they’re a steal for the price.

Heard of them, they released the orbis yeh? Can’t seem to find a way to get one. I live in Australia,Perth so if you know some sites PM me.

Dust, I have to agree wholly with your assessment of Duncan’s beginner level yoyos. At our house we call the fixed axle Butterfly the “punishment yoyo.” If you’ve been bad, you have to play with the butterfly. Even their mid-level yoyos like the Metal Drifter wear through those darn friction pads really fast. They just don’t feel like a quality yoyo. I wasn’t aware of the other company stuff. I have heard that the reason CLYW uses the initials CLYW instead of “Cascade Lodge Yoyo Works” is because Duncan has somehow copyrighted the word “Yoyo” in Canada. I’ don’t know if that’s true. If it is then that seems like a bit of over reach.

I do have a different view on Magic Yoyos though. I think the N12 is an amazing yoyo and is a great intermediate level yoyo regardless of price. The Silencer is a bit heavy for my taste and the finish doesn’t lend itself to grinds. But it looks beautiful and plays really well. Neither of them would put off a beginner, in fact, they are both pretty decent starter to intermediate throws. The MYY K8, however, is pretty bad. Instead of hub stacks there’s a plastic insert which is suppose to spin, but is just held there by friction. Within an hour of getting mine I used a Dremel tool to cut them out. The yoyo with the inserts is a vibrating mess, without the inserts it’s a big yoyo that feels like it has bad weight distribution. It’s larger in diameter than a Shutter but with less rim weight.

So they vary. Some are awesome, some are not. I still highly recommend the Magic Yoyo N12 for anyone.

I’m not even gonna lie, the N12 from MYY shreds. It was one of my first yoyos and it didn’t discourage me at all. I got it as a prize and was unaware of the price. (I was a noob lol) When I learned how much they cost, I was shocked.

The N12 is a fantastic yoyo. Plain and simple.

It was a great contest! I was glad to see you walk away with a N12 along with other yo-yos, a Duncan banner along with a lot of other merchandise. It is great that the yo-yo community has helped sponsor the New Mexico Yo Down Show Down with prizes. I wouldn’t be run the event for 12 years without past sponsorship from these great companies: Yomega, YoYoFactory, Duncan, Vulto, SuperYo and MagicYoYo. I have respect for companies that sponsor contests and help build a bigger community.

Magic yo yos are great. I have a T8 and it’s awesome. I got it for $11 with a discount.