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Well I decided to order a few Chinese throws and give them a whirl. I did not want to buy any obvious rip-offs since I prefer to support the more mainstream companies with original ideas. As I was sifting through all the types I was slightly excited to get some full metals for $15-20. Very skeptical as well. I did not want to order just one brand and end up liking or not liking it and assume that that company makes either good quality or poor quality throws. I ordered 2 Aoda’s and 1 Qi Xia.

1st throw - Aoda Fraxel
Maximum Diameter: 46mm
Weight: about 65.5g
Bearing System: KK bearing
Shape: Butterfly
Material: Metal

This was the most expensive one I bought at $20 and surprisingly is also the worst one I got lol.
It has no vibe and plays smooth but the hubstacks are loud! I’ve never heard that noise on hubstacks before but it was high-pitched and very annoying. I say this is the worst one I got due to how thin and really cheap it feels. But it does play nice. The gap is too small I would say and when you do some hubstack tricks I find it to bind up on you and that’s never fun. I wouldn’t say this throw is bad but it is by far the worst one I got.

Hubstack sound

2nd throw - Qi Xia Ultimate Soldiers
Maximum Diameter: 53.4mm
Maximum Width: 4.08cm
Weight: About 78g
Body Material: Titanium Alloy
Finish: Anodized grinding with laser engraving
Gap Type: Fixed
Gap width: 4.7mm
Bearing Type: 10 Ball Bearing
Bearing Material: Stainless Steel
Response System: Silicone pad (Large)

Also no vibe, plays great. This was the cheapest throw I ordered and may be the best one oddly.
The hubstacks are short to catch but run silent or quiet at least. The bearing is fast and nice and the whole thing sounds great. This one popped out to me since I could not match it with any other brand so I am thinking this is not a knockoff. If it is let me know. I would recommend this throw at the price. The gap is not large but its not small like the Fraxel can handle layers of string and I’m using fat string in it. It does not feel cheap but it costs $14.69 for me and I’ve seen it other places for $15.90. It’s worth the buy.

Hubstack sound

3rd throw - Aoda Sunshine
Diameter : 50mm
Width : 40mm
Weight : 64g approx
Gap : 4mm approx
Response : Aoda Ring Pad
Axle/bearing : Size D Aoda Concave

Ok so this one is sort of a 888 knock off. The width and diameter match up. But unlike the 888 this one has a really fat gap and uses a D size and is almost 4g less than the 888. Ive played the 888 before and it is way better than this. The hubstacks on this one are awful, same as the Fraxel. Loud and cheap feeling. But they do work. No vibe once again and it plays great. The gap is so big it takes quite a tug during a bind to get it back and I love it! I’ve never played a throw with a D size bearing but I like it personally. It is very floaty for the weight and you can put layers upon layers in this gap without any problems. This one cost about $18.

Hubstack sound

Cleaned one bearing in the fraxel to see how much it would cut down noise. It worked.

I personally have no respect for companies that knockoff others, But I mean look at the Duncan butterfly and how many “hometown” companies knock that off. It’s not considered knocking off following a butterfly shape with similar dimensions and weight. But these companies like Aoda and Qi Xia have throws that are complete knockoffs like the Aoda Jumbo is the 888 and the Qi Xia soul is the Supernova. I will not buy these due to the fact that they didn’t put in a single ounce of effort in making it slightly different. As for the three that I got I am satisfied with the quality and play (just not the hubstacks on the Aoda’s). I tried to pick ones that are not knockoffs so I can show what they offer and make a review that will not be removed. I hope you all found this informative but I must stress the fact that if you know it’s a knockoff you should probably save a little more and buy the real one. Companies work hard to offer us quality throws with new ideas and for someone to take those ideas and mark them down by 60% or more and use lower quality materials seems wrong. But I can’t tell you all how to spend your money and if you like the throw get it. I just don’t think if it’s a knockoff it’s worth showing off lol but that’s just me.
Thanks for reading,
Brandon aka Randysavage


Cool. I may have to get the cheap one eventually!
very well written reviews, you put time into this.


This will probably get removed but nice review. And clean the bearings on the 2 Aodas, that’ll help a ton.

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Why would this be removed?


I’m not a huge fan for Chinese throws. I bought a Qixia Yo Soul when I was beginning. It is a copy of the Supernova, but worse quality. I like the shape, but it is unbalanced. That is the only problem.


These companies rippoff companies we all know and love, taking money out of yyf yyj CLYW and others hands so its a bit taboo to speak of. Most mods do not even want us talking about them let alone showing pictures and promoting the sales of them and its understandable. Thats why i tried to show some more original designs they have, but still its promoting them and doing that kind of says that you accept that they knockoff others. Depending on how you look at it


That one seems nice but yeah, its a carbon copy of the supernove lite. every detal is the same but I am sure its made out of cheaper materials. Its not like they are bad or play bad just the idea is bad lol. I gave in and bought a supernova for the YYE sale could not help myself hehe.


I have yet to see a CLYW bootleg :wink:

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Doesn’t mean you can’t review them… freedom of speech people, freedom of speech.


Id say the Qi Xia Yoke bears a striking resemblance to my Glacier Express


I would like that to be true lol but thats up to the admins and mods to decide. Personally i see nothing wrong with me reviewing these but I do not know this forums policies on it. I have had just comments removed from another forum talking about Aoda lol


I’m pretty sure that yoyo was out before the Glacier Express… And either way the shape is pretty different, especially the IRG.


Id say the Qi Xia Yoke bears a striking resemblance to my Glacier Express. Oh no double post lol I cant find how to delete the first one!


Yeah I have only looked at pics of the yoke and compared to my GE. I trust you know what your talking about since I have no information really on the yoke and have not even looked at the specs. lol So maybe they do not ripoff CLYW but im sure some company plans too. The Aoda Dancing Pearl kinda has a CLYW look I thought too but I really have not gone into detail on looking it up


The Dancing Pearl is far from CLYW lol. If you check out the issue, YYF has been copying some Aoda and Auldey throws…


They have Auldey 888x on sites that supposedly yyf re stamped and they cost like 80 dollars. I don’t know if its true I have read about them doing that but I do not know for sure or if that was a rumor created because Auldey made them. Out of all the companies id say Auldey makes mostly all original throws due to that Blazing Teens tv show so they have a good marketing system to youth and do not have to knockoff others to make sales. But I am sure if I sifted through I could find a few. But I do not know for sure


I think it’s more of a Avant Garde 1 or an Okatve 3.


It kind of resembles a YYF Avant Garde. But the Avant Garde is more round, and the Yoke shape has angles instead of being round.
The Yoke is above, the Avant Garde is below.


Oh yes, they are totally different. I can see it now. It makes it totally different when they don’t round the angles like on the Avant Garde. That way …it is …different.

If it walks like a duck and it quacks like a duck; its a duck.


To be honest I like the profile of the yoke better lol