Throws That Dont Get Enough Credit

What throws do you think don’t get enough credit? For me, I think the Theory is waaaayyyy too cheap, that thing is worth $125 not $65. Also the FHZ doesn’t get enough credit, its just known as the best modding yoyo but it is very good in play(not my favorite but probably the best Duncan I’ve tried)

Uhhhh just a company: MYY I don’t think that any Chico YoYos get enough credit, either. Idk about a specific throw, though.

Werrd hour, c3 dark sonic, Katz meow by fp, ds wrath

And for the clyw fanboys, the puffin

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Magic yoyos. I think they are worth wayyyy more then their retail price.

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RecRev. Wayyy underrated. They make some of the best throws out there.

This, all of my yes.

anti-yo’s… i feel a lot of people view them as collectors items rather than well playing yoyos.

The One Drop YFactor is almost never discussed, but I believe it is one of the most well-rounded and capable throws available. It’s price is ridiculously low and it’s lack of popularity surprises me.

I’ve got a YFactor that I’ve literally dinged over 200 times. It still spins more smoothly than a brand new G-Funk I bought about a year ago, even when thrown with the exact same bearing. To avoid evoking Ben’s criticism by singling out a YYF yoyo, I’ll mention that it also spins more smoothly than a brand new String Theory Quark.

The Hspin NVx. Such a fun smooth yoyo if you are okay with the shallow siliconee groove. It is an awesome throw. Also God tricks, I finally own the bounty hunter and love it SOOO much!

Pretty much any non-C bearing yoyo.

Hence the reason I love H spin as much as I do the bearing in those are amazing!!!

so pretty much Duncan and TMBR

Stuff mentioned there.

Pretty much every spyy yoyo.

Also, not sure why some people are saying myy, I see constantly people talking about how amazing they are.

The Solaris, Amplifier, dynamo, el ranchero. I just got a G Squared Nessie in the mail today and I can now say G Squared has me impressed and I recommend that if you’ve been putting off getting one of their throws, you consider them for your next purchase.

My thought exactly. Most MYY threads start off with somebody saying “I know they get slagged” or “I know they have a bad rep, but…”

When?? I ALWAYS see threads talking about how good they are, and rarely see negative comments. Maybe one or two comments in a whole thread, but never a thread of its own and certainly in much lower numbers than the complimentary threads…

I think the only negative things I’v seen are the stacks are loud, and the bearing is sometimes bad. Nothing bashing the yoyos directly

The E1NS

FHZ do get lots of credit, one of the most talked about and popular yoyos made.

General Yo YoYos
RecRev YoYos