Most Under-rated Yoyo?

I’ll be honest, the C3yoyodesign Teleport is pretty under-rated, I don’t know about you guys but it’s one of my best overall players imo. What do you guys think?

I feel like the sOMEThING Angle doesn’t receive enough recognition.



YYF Primo

Right now I would say the Rhythm by 44rpm. $42.50 and it holds its own against anything out there.

I’m siding with Ed on this, except, I’m thinking The Blues. Haven’t tried a Rhythm yet, but, it is on my short list.

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Draupnir? Sarcasm?

I personally think the metal replay was when it came out in the mystery boxes. The box costed $40 plus shipping I believe. You got a replay pro ($16 value) and metal replay, making the metal only $24. I personally really like that yoyo especially considering how much I got it for.

Haha! Blues is amazing as well - I just feel like a lot of people GET that it’s amazing (maybe cause it’s so different), whereas the Rhythm kinda seems to fly under the radar. It’s just crazy to me that you can get BOTH of them for less than tons of individual throws they run circles around (pun kinda intended).

is it me? or anyone just have their own ‘most under rated’ yoyo?
just like preferences, it will be different for different people.

well, for me, maybe the skyline.

I think you are spot on, over rated, under rated, best, worst… like noses everyone has their own.

RecRev octave 1st gen

I would go even lower Ed…the Axis Mixtape is an absolute beast at $39.00 my friend!

Actually when I was younger someone told me they stole my nose. I could even see it sticking out between two of their fingers. To this day I have yet to get it back :frowning: I would sniffle, but sadly I can’t…

YES! Such a fun yoyo!

I think the most underrated yo-yo I know is the Bandai Hyper Dragon from the late 1990s. I mean, most players had probably seen it as a novelty because of its customization gimmick, that and the longevity issues with the plastic covering of the aluminum frame caps. U.S. Nat’l Yo-Yo Master Dave Schulte happens to own a few Hyper Dragons, especially a rare red one that’s got black-tinted plastic.

There are so many yoyos out there that a vast number deserving of recognition will be overlooked.

One I want to point out is the YYO Kilter 2. Good luck finding more bang for your buck than this.

Bravo! Well played.

The Onedrop Chik! doesn’t get enough recognition.

Feel like I don’t hear too much about the Firrox (and the fact there’s still a generous amount left here). I haven’t heard any negative things about it but I never see much talk about it. I could be a bit biased too as it’s my current favorite throw and goes everywhere with me :slight_smile:

Other throws, might have to go with is also yet another iYoyo, that is the younger brother of the Firrox - the Hidra. Again, wonderful throw, haven’t heard any complaints, but haven’t seen much buzz surrounding it. For under $60, it feels pretty premium.

Most things by SPYY…

Pro: Beast. Amplifier: Beast. El Ranchero: Beast. Addiction(s): Beast. Probably the TYY-01 is underrated. :wink:

Punch Lines got sufficient recognition, I think… it was before my time, but seems well-revered.

From currently-available yoyos, the Spin Dynamics Alter Ego seemed to come and go without too much noise, and it’s a great yoyo.

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