UNDERrated YoYos


I just had to make this. Titanium221 created the topic OVERrated yoyos, but now its time for UNDERrated yoyos :slight_smile: So what is the most UNDERrated yoyo you have thrown. Mine, any 3YO3 acryllic. They are so unqiue, everyone must try one!


I think the H-Spin Beysick and the Crucial Half & Half are underated.


p2 echo supernovaLITE protostar


I dont think the Protostar is underrated, almost everyone has one!


I think the dv888 is underrated. it is the best throw ive played (for 1a) with in my entire life, and it is only $45.00. Great deal for a great yo-yo.


I think it is overrated. Everyone has one.


uhh… what?
That’s like the most recommended yoyo when people ask hey, what yoyo should I get for under $50?
that, and the raptor.

anyways, for most underrated, I’d say the Monster.

(Zach Smith) #8

I know this is gonna sound like I’m just being all, “Hey, look at my sponsor,” but honestly, the Thunder Wasp is actually incredible. FPYY gets kinda over looked a lot of times because they’re pretty small time, but they really do have great concepts.


Dv888 is one of the tops on the overrated list sir.


To be honest, I think anything Yoyofactory is OVERrated.

However I think the 3yo3 Bassline is very underrated


Bassline for the win!


one drop y factor mostly no one has one and its wicked smooth

(Halbach) #13

I’m gonna go back a bit and say there’s a difference between overrated and a very fine-playing low price yoyo that is recommended. The DV888 is a great yoyo that deserves its hype, IMO.

(Raphael) #14

every responsive yoyo

(M.DeV1) #15

G5 for sure. everyone points out its flaws but never its strengths! :’(


the shinwoo “zen” line of yoyos, and one of my favorites foxland precision(katz meow, and minotaur)


I’ve actually really been wondering about the zens. been thinking of getting one for a while, but no one ever talks about them. aren’t they all metal for like $45?

(DOGS) #18

Anything that doesn’t have a C sized bearing or silicone response.


very true, i tend to enjoy using my Spyyder