OVERrated yoyos


I say Northstar. While mine is perfect, I have heard way to many stories of cracks. Just get a protostar.

primo, like i said before. its got lots of vibe. and nearly falls apart. dings easily.

Can I say the Genesis? I mean, it’s good, yes. But not till the level where almost everyone has one. It happens in where I am. Either they have one, or they want one.

Northstar. It’s not very good, well its fine just not as good as it is said to be.

Dm and protostar. Good throws, not great throws

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Genesis… I really didn’t like it at all

Genesis, any “star” yoyo, and actually pretty much any YYF. I want to be positive and think of one that’s not by them, but I really can’t.

888x. Every noob or good person wants one, even though I don’t. Sure, they are nice yoyos. But some people make them to be the best yoyo in the WORLD!

In YYF’s defense, I love my G5, and it’s one of the yoyos I hardly ever hear people talk about.




pretty much a lot of yyf throws…

Any yoyo that doesn’t work properly.


really, if people really like it, it doesn’t really matter…

  1. I had a near mint one before. Thought it was good but i found my ministar and 54 beating it. I sold it within a week. I would also say DV888. Good price but i found the response failing a lot (It’s not that im bad at binding) and it also wasn’t what people had said it to be.

I have to agree with this.

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No it doesn’t really matter, but 99% of the conversations we have on here don’t really matter. I’m definitely interested to see what yoyos people find overrated.

Personally, I’d have to say the Superstar. I owned one for about a week. I did not see what all the fuss was about. I exchanged it for an MVP.


dark magic

I would have to say any yoyo that the new “champ” of the year is playing. All the fan kids/winner pickers seem to flock to those throws.


The Protostar has a bad vibe, don’t use it because it’s distracting.
Cheesenewt mentioned the dv888. I have one and don’t even know it’s spinning it’s so smooth. Put liquid silicon and the response is perfect. Only comes back on a good bind.
With the ten bearing it’s super quiet. Use it over a carpet to avoid dings…

when I think “not nearly as good as I expected”

the genesis comes to mind

the cut (hspin) was also a disappointment and I ended up trading it even before the yoyo I traded to get it reach it’s new owner

some like it, I couldn’t keep it

I feel (IMO! <-Just so I don’t get flamed :P) that most YoYoFactory yo-yos seem to be overhyped, everyone says they’re so good but when I get to them, they just don’t meet my standards.