Most underrated and overrated yoyos.


Just list some yoyos that you think are overrated, and some that you think are underrated, and maybe give a reason why you think It’s that way. For instance,

Overrated: CLYW Arctic Circle 1
Everyone goes crazy trying to get these things, but i find that they just aren’t as stable and long spinning as nearly anything else in that price range. Being made by CLYW it gets a lot of praise and hype, but i just don’t think It deserves it.

Underrated: General-yo Hatrick
This thing is ridiculously stable and speedy, probably more stable than my sleipnir. This thing retailed for like $99, and it kills almost everything in that price range. I never heard people ever talk about this thing, and it deserves a bit more respect.


I haven’t tried enough yoyos to really comment on this, but the arctic circle is one of the best yoyos I have ever tried, and most definately not overrated in my opinion.

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AC2’s pale in comparison IMO, unless you’re only looking for performance.

So much character in that AC1.


Crazy D for underrated. When I decided to slim down my collection it’s the one yoyo I kept.

Canvas is overrated to me. Felt like a rock.


I literally disagree with both your throws OP. Sorry.

I feel the Hatrick I had didn’t play very good, and the AC1 remains one of my favorite throws ever.

For me:
Overrated: YYF Genesis. I’ve seen people say often this is one of the last good yoyos YYF made, yet I just don’t think it’s that great, and I think they’ve made much better yoyos.
Underrated: C3 Mo-Vitation. I haven’t seen many people talk about this yoyo. It’s a fantastic throw and super fun, and also amazing for fingerspins.

This is obviously completely based on opinions, and I’m sure someone would think the exact opposite of me!


OP, I completely agree with the hatrick. They’re SO good for a small throw. Definitely my favorite organic.


I definitely agree with them having lots of character. I’ve owned like 4 of them for a reason, i love to play them. I just don’t find them to have the performance that most people say they have, especially when compared to other yoyos in that price range. It’s all opinion though.

Awesome! It’s the only undersized I’ll use anymore.


Can’t really think of a good underrated throw right now, but I feel like the shutter is overrated for sure. It is fast but plays more solid than a large brick attached to the end of a string. I prefer more floaty throws, so I never really got to liking the shutter much.


That’s interesting you say that. I find the shutter to be an absolutely ridiculous yoyo. A must have for the price.


Underrated: Clyw Bvm2, so little talk about this throw in comparison to the rest of the clyw line. It has such a powerful “oomph” when thrown and is a complete trick beast. I believe only 4 runs (plus some special releases) of these were made with one of those runs being completely fools gold. Speaking of the bvm2, what happened to Boyd?
Another throw imo that is underrated is the Glacier Express. Very fun throw with lots of power and a unique shape. It sucks that only 2 runs were made and the majority of the second run were fools gold.

Overrated: Chief. To me this throw just doesn’t have as many unique play qualities as anything else I own. It is still a classic throw and a favourite of many just not my absolute favourite.

As much as I would like to say that the shutter is overrated, the price is just too good to say that.

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You have some interesting opinions… lol


Gonna get a lot of hate for this one but Yeti is overrated to me. People says its chill, long spin times, etc but it really just feels like a big ole plastic brick. With the wear issues and string eating problems, its really not worth the hype that it brings to the table. (I’ll probably buy one anyway cause I just want it for the collection)

Underrated…I guess I just follow the hype lol, although I do really enjoy the AC1 and GE. Too bad they were discontinued. :frowning:

Oh oh, Equilateral. Love this thing. Just spins and spins and spins. Super smooth, too bad I screwed up threads on mine. :frowning:


A few underrated throws that I would find are:

YYR Sputnik: I feel as though many people see this yoyo as an undersized Laser, but I think that it is one of YYR’s most new underrated throws. It has a very powerful spin, stable as heck, and all of this in a light body.

TP Shake: Haven’t really heard to much of this throw being talked about here. This yoyo is very solid, but extremely maneuverable. A stable and long spinning yoyo for sure. Amazing at any trick you could pull off.

YYR Dazzler/FG Dazzler: I would consider his yoyo to be neutral; over but underrated at the same time. Not to many people has tried both of these Dazzlers, to form an opinion. This yoyo can be overrated due mainly of it’s astronomical price tag, and few who played it says that it is one if the best yoyo’s( including me :P). It can be viewed as underrated due to again, not many people trying it, and that I think that it is an amazing yoyo; very stable, light, maneuverable, and long spinning.


I’m pretty sure the BvM2 was discontinued because Not enough was being done to promote the brand by its signature player (correct me if I’m wrong, I only faintly remember reading something like this, definitely do not want to incorrectly slander). I liked the BvM2 a lot too.

I owned a Glacier Express and wanted to like it very badly, but it just didn’t feel especially powerful or stable, it wasn’t terrible but not great either. I also thought the Equilateral was terrible, I wanted to like it too but it just wasn’t stable or long-spinning at all.


Now that you say that I think I remember Steve saying something like that on clyw’s page.

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Underrated Yoyofactory Cyborg 2.0 and Cyborg both.


Overrated: CLYW Summit. It’s a nice yoyo, but I really don’t see anything all that special about it. For me it doesn’t feel like it has a distinct feature, like being really fast, or floaty, or smooth, and hearing the way people rant and rave about it, you would think it would. Underrated: CLYW Scout. The Scout is AMAZING! It is floaty, amazingly smooth, and moderatly fast, but you really don"t hear a lot of people talking about it. Maybe because there has only been one run.

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underrated would for me would be the rainfly… most people think that a 79 dollar bimetal would be cheap but its honestly one of the best values youll get for a yoyo.

overrated i would have to agree with Athrower… i played the summit expecting something amazing but it felt like i was hold a brick… absolutely no life in it at all.


Hatrick absolutely underrated. It’s the only undersize I throw now as well. Almost all GeneralYo I think is underrated. Everything I’ve tried even BGrades make me wonder why I buy anything else :stuck_out_tongue:

Sputnik I also agree. I was hesitant to pull the trigger but did so and so happy I did. Sputnik dethroned a couple throws in my collection. It may just be I love the specs so much. There do not seem to be many nice 52 and under sizes ATM.

Overrated I agree, yeti. Probably part of why CLYW is retiring/redesigning. Summit I can see being overrated. I love the 7summit though. I think the lighter weight does the summit a big favor. Seems to have more “character” IMO.


Overrated: Yeti (i have one, i like it, but the fact some people are basically using their entire college tuition to get them (or selling them for this much) is pretty bad (im obviously exaggerating with the money lol)), Shutter (just a slight bit IMO, but is still amazing), YYJ Classic (i have tried putting every pad/bearing you can think of in there, still not a huge fan, but i use mine on occasion)

Underrated: YYJ XLR8, (71 grams, but sooooo smooth and solid) YYF Aviator, (used this to get my first state title, nuff sed) YYF Onestar (i prefer this over the replay in some areas), YYF Shu-Ta, (i LOVE this yoyo, easily one of my top five, its like a more laid back shutter which i really like) CLYW Cliff (my favorite yoyo by far. if i had to use one yoyo for the rest of my life, it would be this. no joke. the sad part is that clyw retired it, so now im searching for one…especially this colorway…)