UNDERrated YoYos

all metal, 45 to 65,fun throws i love my zen2 and 4

all BBYY, the josy-ann, the crucial delicious, the y-factor, and the bassalope (it is in my top 3 clyws, but nobody talks about it much)

Duncan exit 8

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By far the DV888. It plays so well and does not get near the recognition it deserves.

werrd XXXXL

you realize that the dv888 is probably the single most recommended yoyo out there when people ask what throw they should get that won’t bust their bank account?

and you’re point is…

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my point is that it more than gets the recognition it deserves.

more on topic: Noctu and most werrd yoyos aren’t really talked about much. I’d say these are pretty underrated.

Mosquito (Modility), anything <$10

whoever said all yyf yooys are overratted is very untrue,

all underated yyf
counter attack
superwide- everyone compares it to a monster even tho there in two diff price ranges
supernova lite

This one is hard for me because all I have is YYF and the YYJ DM2 and I don’t have much to compare it to. I think if I can mention anything is that the DM2 gets pushed really hard (For obvious reasons on this site) and I do absolutely love that yoyo and use it a lot recently. But I still think the Protostar is probably one of the best yo-yos one could get to start learning with when they want to start getting serious. I always here DM2 and very little on the protostar even though it is mentioned. I guess the great thing here is both are really amazing and really popular. I guess just in a 1 on 1 maybe the protostar is underrated compared to the DM2 not even sure if that makes any sense or if I should just shut up and wait till I actually have something to say lol

Hspin Pyro 3. I never see this yoyo, but It is my daily carry.

Zeekio yoyos…Nobody talks about them

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80% of chinese metal throws are waaay underrated


Speedmaker… Doen’t seem to be in any discussions. If you throw a speed bearing in it, it play great!


The Zen 5 & 6 hands down are some of the smoothest throws I own. The most bang for your buck in my opinion.

Non bootleg chinese are great and far from people attention.
I have some chinese yoyo, and really enjoy them.

Yes, I throw mine with a SPEC bearing. And its a full plastic awesomeness…

RecRev i…it’s an amazing yo-yo!


Also as said before, any BBYY. My TT is one of my favorite throws.

Maverick. Typically I see Yomega hate in general but with a clean bearing and rubber pads that are pretty well worn in, the Maverick’s definitely a worthy player. I’m sure the Dash can also apply. Also, I would have to agree about the RecRev…I almost never see any talk about it. I love my No. 9!

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