Underrated YoYos?


What are some yoyos that you guys think are pretty underrated?

A few that come to mind:

-YYF Catalyst, its very stable and plays very well but doesn’t get much notice.

-MadHouse Rad, its a pretty good undersized, by a company that was never really that popular.


YYJ Meteor :slight_smile:


not really underrated but yoyofficer doesn’t get the sales that they deserve.


The Kingspin chronicle now that is a good yoyo


Eternal Throw in general


Any Spin Dynamics


3yo3 acrylics

I’ve got 2 of them now and they’re great!
Not the highest performing but for sure more fun than almost all of my high-end metals!


Every time this topic comes up, which is pretty often, I say…Exit 8. It’s still in my case of only 12 mains. I don’t see it getting bumped any time soon.


I kinda wanna say the alpha crash…


Yelets and Cafe Racer seem to be the unsung hero’s of the One Drop line up.


I can second the Yelets! One of my all time favorites!

I would say that my new Kyo DNS is underrated. It plays as well or better then my Bape 2 in regard to sleep time and stability. Great throw especially for the price!


the Flo especially

(Amplified) #13

The Protostar gets like zero hypes these days. It’s a great performance plastic. Also the OG Duncan Echo. It’s pretty good and the caps make it a trick learning beast!


The Flow is mad Nice. Saving for a second and Third one


'Nother Spin Dynamics fan over here. Got a Flow from the latest run and it’s awesome. Smooth Move and Monkey Fist are also fantastic!


YYO Crayon. Probably one of the best organics I’ve played.

YYF Counter Attack. Very similar to the Northstar, so it gets overlooked, but it plays excellently and has a great grind surface.