Underrated yoyos

What do you guys think the most underrated yoyo is? For me it’s the any of the duncan metals

Agreed, duncan metals, or a yoyofactory counter attack

Madhouse Rad, YYF Catalyst, every MFD.

The Kingspin Chronicle doesn’t get any love


YoyoJam Surge

MagicYoyo D8

Every yoyo from SPYY.

Chico Kestrel

YYJ Classic. Very smooth moving on the string and spins long for a full plastic. On the same level as Something the V to me, way better than the c3 plastics.

YYJ Speeder2. Speed throw with an organic shape nuff said.


disagree.  fine price, but the classic is way better.

well it is $120.

You’re wrong


I wouldn’t say the classic is underrated. It’s good, but it’s also commonly acknowledged as such

Ilyy wasabi 09! Also the original candyblasted lio i think that more so just lost hype though hahaha

Wasabi wasn’t that good. It felt like just another yoyo to me. I also can’t freaking stand metric bearings.

This matters?

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CLYW yoyos. lol.

I love ILYY so much, but they’ve pretty much gone dead silent for a full year now. have they closed shop?

Zeekio/yoyo empire anything