Underrated Throws?

Many people have their own opinion on underrated yoyos, but mine are from china (auldey, vosun, qixia) Specifically my favorite is the Vosun 1S Stary. It is so smooth and beautiful. :o What are some of yours?

In my opinion, Dif-e-yos are underrated and perform very well. I myself own an Internal Turmoil and Barebones, and I like them very much.

3yo3’s custom plastics.

Although I’ve never played one, the CLYW Glacier Express. I hear they’re pretty good.

No idea why we don’t hear more about the Spin Dynamics Monkey Fist. Superb undersized throw.

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i would have to say MagicYoYo as a companie is pretty underrated… they are very cheap, but still play amazing


The curve ball hehe.

I am not hearing a lot about the YYJ XLR8 and I think it’s fairly underrated. As well as the YYJ surge it’s a little loud , but it plays really nicely.

I’ll be picking one of these up at some point.

Any MagicYoyo is underrated. I think the fact that they have a 50/50 chance with the bearing that they get a bad rap.

Yoyojam Vigilante… such a fun throw that still plays really nice.

Delrin Severe and Spin Dynamics smooth move

Not sure if Qixia, brand that sells mostly cheap fakes, should get more attention.

In my local community G Squared and One Drop is really underrated.

Maybe in your community… not in any other communities though…

ehh… I think g2 is a bit underrated.

Dat quake tho.

Monkeyfinger Forte. 'Nuff said (although it might be too recent to be considered underrated yet).

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The Delrin severe isn’t underrated. A lot of people referred to it as the best plastic ever made when it came out!

Also don’t know that Magic Yoyo is underrated. Every thread about them says, “Wow, these are amazing at any price, but especially incredible at this price!”.

And you hear about them a lot.

To me, underrated is a yoyo that you don’t hear much about and/or when you do they are lukewarm reviews.

Thought of another one - Primo.

I bet even a few people have never heard of this yoyo.

Oh man…I miss mine!

I remember there was some hype behind it very briefly before it was released which is how I convinced myself to buy one like the day it came out. I’ve said it a few times before I’m sure but it is basically just a stackless 2010 Superstar. Machined from 7075 as well I believe, it’s a great yoyo.

In addition to some lesser known YYF models (there are just so many, some are bound to get overlooked/ignored) I’d imagine the majority of models from the lesser known companies are greatly underrated. I’ve yet to throw a modern yoyo that I was disappointed with as far as quality/playability (have definitely thrown some that weren’t for me) so the underrated companies likely have tons of underrated throws. Not necessarily the absolute best or most innovative but likely on par with some of the super popular stuff we hear about constantly.

I don’t know if they’re underrated but there are some Duncan metals I’m actually fairly interested in. The Strix I’ve actually heard good things about but the Exit 8 which I think looks fairly interesting I’ve heard almost nothing about. Which isn’t terribly surprising since very few people have any interest in A bearing/pad response metals