which is the most underrated yoyo..??

Which in your opinion is the most underrated yoyo like you’ve not heard about a yoyo much by still decide to try it and you feel that it plays great I don’t have tried many yoyos so I can’t tell …??

I don’t know about “most” underrated, but I have two fairly underrated throws in my collection that I enjoy thoroughly, and which shaped my taste in yoyos.

First, I bought an Orbitron 5000 pretty much on a whim. At first I regretted it, because I felt I spent too much on a hobby I just got back into. But now, it’s my favorite throw to just kick back and relax with. Other people who have them generally have good opinions of it… But it seems underrated to me. Mostly because even though it’s a great throw, and SPYY is now out of business, there are still a bunch in stock on YYE and elsewhere. I know most people aren’t looking for organic throws nowadays… But seriously, it’s an awesome throw, highly suggest trying one out if you get the chance.

The second one I have is the Bapezilla.2. Other Anti-yo throws, pretty much all of them, have sold out crazy fast, and have been extremely well received. However, the Bape 2 remains in stock and holds negative reviews from many people. This is mostly attributed to the string eating problem caused by the aggressive blast finish. But once you buff the roughness out of the gap, it becomes something absolutely great…I mean, the Viszilla was extremely popular, and once you fix the string eating problem, the Bape 2 is essentially another colorway of the Viszilla with a different blast finish. The blast finish, while the source of its negative reviews, also make it extremely pleasing to hold in your hand. It also has the awesome appeal of side effects (pro-tip, ultralights are awesome in the Bape 2) Again, it’s organic so people aren’t exactly looking for that nowadays, but it’s still a really great throw in my opinion.

Chico kestrel. I like it but haven’t heard much praise about it.

most of the recent Chinese yoyos except magicyoyo which is overrated.

I thought long and hard about this and pretty much anything from CLYW and One Drop. People gotta remember to believe none of what you hear, and only half of what you see. I know a ton of people out there that will tell you that both companies just don’t build very nice throws but I can assure you 100% that everything these 2 companies create are nothing short of masterpieces. Both performance and looks, they both take the cake. Come on people, don’t believe all the naysayers and give these companies a chance. You’ll be so happy with your purchase, no matter which throw you buy.

Probably the draupnir
Barely hear anyone talk about it, and I think it plays pretty decent.

Duncan ProFly. So much fun for so little money. Yet, all you hear is “Butterfly this” and “Freehand that”. ProFly’s where it’s at!

The X-Cubed “Teh-Yo”.

This YoYo is extremely fun to play, and I do not know of hardly anyone who owns one.
It’s a great addition to any collection.

Haven’t tried any of them will like to try these that you’ve listed…good fast replies…

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Broooo classics are not underrated…
Maybe even a little over rated…
I’ve heard many people say things like “why buy something for $$$ when a classic is $10 and can do everything”

Again bashing MYY? So how many MYY do you own since you seem to have such a knowledgeable opinion on the brand?

Fact is most yoyos are pretty good and underrated yoyos are generally ones that aren’t talked about much at all and there sure is a lot of talk about magic yoyo

So a lot of talk = overrated?

I think all budget metals are overated. They can do anything sure, but high end metals are so much more enjoyable.

Your brain has a hereditary trait from your ancestors who survived that influences your decision making process. While it isn’t absolute, when contemplating a decision if others are following one choice path and none are following the other your brain will infer the others use of that decision path as a ‘pro’. So let’s use the shutter as an example, very good yoyo; very popular as well. However there are other great yoyos in the same price range that aren’t as popular such as Duncan torque and YYF horizon. Alright some good choice now which one am I going to pick? I know a ton of people are talking about the shutter and that it won worlds. Cool. The horizon is very nice and was used in worlds as well but didn’t cause a big stir. And I haven’t heard much of the torque since it’s release. Now I’m sure that of those 3 the shutter is by far the best selling. I know it’s been out for longer but certainly it’s selling better.

Does this make it overrated?
Unlikely, but still more likely than the torque or horizon being overrated

But the chance of the shutter being underrated with so much talk about it going on drops drastically.

I hope this helps with your question

In regards to the original question/ I think all Billy Bob’s throws are underrated. They are quite exceptional.

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whenever this topic pops up, one or two people will chime in about Yoyofficer specifically the hatchet. I agree with them the hatchet is great, but I also really like the musket, it has to be one of my favorites.

I think fast 201 is overrated I mean classic is better then it that too on same price…What about looping and off string yoyos which do you think is most overrated or underrated…:slight_smile::slight_smile::slight_smile::slight_smile::slight_smile::+1::+1::+1:

So you admit that hype doesn’t cause something to actually be overrated. Then ramble on about the under rating of non hyped yoyos. So no, you didn’t answer my question.

You also accused me and my entire linage of being mindless sheep and followers. I’d like to think myself and “my ancestors” possess the trait of free will and free thought and were able to distinguish facts on their own without the influences of the masses. But thanks for the random slander. It’s always nice to be insulted by complete strangers on Internet forums.

Classics are underrated for an unresponsive yoyo. It can do anything you can do with other yoyos. Fact.