what do you feel are some of the most underrated/unappreciated yoyos?

personally i like the throw monkey, dragon fly, and hotshot and i never hear anything about them.

p.s. this is not an attempt to compare a $20 yoyo to a $120 yoyo or vice versa. you can include any high-end yoyos you feel don’t get enough love, too–no restrictions on the love giving here…

xvict, and the superstar.

I think an underrated yo-yo is the Duncan Mosquito and the Duncan Imperial. The Mosquito is a great yo-yo that can stick with you from the beginner level tricks, up to some advanced tricks. It is a great 1A starter. The Duncan Imperial is a great 2A starter. It is a nice cheap yo-yo too.

Dif-E-Yo’s are hands down the most underrated metals, and some of the most underrated yo-yo’s of all time. They may not be as fancy as some of the other metals, but they’re solid, strong, and all around great players. (Personally, I really love the Wide Load.)

I don’t hear much about Skylines, there is also FH0s.

hotshot and dif e yos

I agree about Difs.

I also think that the Hitman is underrated.

Difs, Superstars, SPYYs.

Almost every bi-metal other than DM. Although I love my Dark Magic, the other ones are almost the same except for shape, but don’t receive as much hype.

The Speeder gets a lot of hype.

I would say, the Speedmaker. Those seem to be unpopular lately compared to its brother the Speeder and Sister, the Meteor.

i have to agree with the fh0. i just got one and now that the friction sticker (i took one out) is breaking in its smooth like butter with no vibe or wobble at all. it’s actually the on ive been playing with the most lately out of the six or so i just bought.

Im still willing to bet 20 cents that Mickey prefers his Speedmaker to his Speeder. Speeders have horrible vibe and cracking problems. Speedmakers are perfect. But he prefers his meteor to everything else.

What i think are underrated are Meteors. No one likes them, and i think i’m the only one who likes its true wing shape, and perfect weight of 58 grams.

I think there’s a difference between yoyos that are underrated and just unliked. Underrated yoyos are better then what people think. The fact that no one likes meteors is because they think they suck. 58 grams= too light in most peoples opinion.

Anyways, the CUT is hands down the most underrated yoyo, i dont know anyone who has tried one and not liked it.

lol, add synergy caps and there you have a 65+ gram meteor with no vibe or wobble :stuck_out_tongue: And if you had any vibe, they fix the vibe and stabilize the meteor :wink: Ahh well i guess people just don’t like meteors :’(

Then you don’t know me.

I agree that mosquitos are pretty underrated. I had one to start off and it really got me interested, heck fro 5 bucks at Walmart, it’s not a bad deal. I hated the Dragonfly, way to light, and feels cheap. I think one that looks pretty slick (haven’t tried it, but considering buying one) is the Black Knight.

I would have to say that Difs and SPYYs both are very underrated. I love my Tank and my Spyder.

I thank that Dif-E-Yos are the most underrated. I mean there kk bearing gets a ton of hype but you never hear anything bout there yo-yos. Also the relic from yoyojam and a rader. A lot of people don’t know about them. Heck I don’t even know if the relic is still in production. Later.

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i dont think that superstars are underrated alot of people have them and love them, also I think that the flying squrill is underated


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