Most underrated throws

I’ll start by saying the Zephyr & the Glide.

Srsly YYE, why don’t you carry the Zephyr?

Honestly… No matter how many yoyos YYE carries; there will be something they don’t carry.

Regardless of the play or quality of the yoyo.


Well YYE did carry the Vertex by Throw Revolution (the company that made the Zephyr) that came out earlier than the Zephyr.

That aside, which yoyo do you think is the most underrated?

glow in the dark rice krispies imperial

Its a toss up between the Puffin 2 and the Gnarwhal2. Both are SO good and never hear a peep about them.

This came up not too long ago, and more than one person mentioned the Rhythm or the Blues by 44RPM.

To me some of the most underrated throws are these:

I mean 5th place!? C’mon…!

Now let me say why the Zephyr is the most underrated throw.

It is insanely stable & solid
It feels like a bimetal
It has so much power that it hits like a 747 when you bind it (maybe I’m exaggerating a little)
It’s light & zippy but can slow down quite well for more relaxed play


I would agree on the Glide, i have 2 and like them a ton. I think they were a collaboration with OD though…I may be wrong…

Haaate the glide. But maybe the one I played was just garbage.

This might be an unpopular opinion but I kinda think the nobunaga seems a little underrated, and same for a lot of sturm panzer.

Vosun TiMe doesn’t seem to get a lot of recognition, it’s just sort of there, lost in the sea of titaniums.

I was waiting for that from you! Could it be that Vosun is an underrated company? I like the Petrichor a lot. I think that might be underrated as well.

I think the Sengoku Kenshin is much better than is reflected by how seldom it is ever mentioned.

It is also a single metal yoyo that has a very powerful feel and excellent playing characteristics.

And costs less than many yoyos that aren’t as excellent.:thinking:


Yeah never hear about the kenshin^ didn’t buy one and I basically forgot it existed haha.
And agreed on he petrichor! For 7075 it’s pretty awesome for its price point, 5 years ago you could have sold it for 100 and nobody would have thought twice.

The yyo quash maybe I never hear anything about it.

Even though it’s older, I still believe the rec rev first gen octave is extremely well playing and I really never heard anything about it.

Agreed, also the Sonny Cocoa Puffs model butterfly, I have some of each in my jar’o’gid yo-yos.
The sun never sets over my kitchen cupboards.



agreed, it got a fair amount of hype, but not near what it deserves. It’s far above any other monometal in my collection, including titaniums.

Quash is indeed excellent! Same with Shift, Hatchet 2, and Nifty. Nifty is my favourite of the YYO lineup I think.

Definitely want to try a 44RPM Blues. I’m not sure it’s underrated. Those who have rated it seem to like it.

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