Under hyped yoyos?


In your opinion, what are the most under hyped throws today?
It doesn’t have to be expensive, but something that its amazing but unpopular…

I’d say the MagicYoyo Carpfin, it’s soo crispy

(Spinworthy Glen) #2

Japan Technology’s 1A yoyos. They are extremely good.

(Priyanka) #3

I own this yoyo…

[online link removed]

…And I would say it’s a little better than the Replay Pro and but not as good as the Shutter. It’s amazing for horizontal, grinds and speed. Definitely worth more than the price point, totally recommend it.

(Brian Datz) #4

The sengoku coldfire.

I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone talk about this thing. I got it last year as a prize for 5a may. This thing is a light, nimble beast.


Sengoku yoyos underrated in general tbh because they’re a little pricy.

But they Pioneered 7068 and were at a forefront of next level high end design. After YYR made the Draupnir they were the only company really trying to push beyond that Draupnir standard imo.

They’ve made some “gimmicky” yoyos recently but everything they make is among the best of yoyos for what they’re trying to create, especially their earlier releases


I Bouht one of those and it was actually surprisingly good. I was looking for a cheap alternative to the yyf shutter and I think it definitely met the standards

({John15}) #7

The Wedge is solid. Not sure if it’s under hyped, but for twenty bucks it is hard to beat IMO.

And the Yomega Brain is underrated for total complete noobs who have never touch a yoyo in their life. It is seriously helpful and offers a foothold to get someone used to throwing and catching and throwing sleepers.

(Jeremy Mryoyothrower McKay) #8

Vosun Leopard. Terrance Wang’s signature bi-metal, it’s pretty kickass.

(Brian Datz) #9

It looks really clean too. I’ve been considering picking one up

(ClockMonster) #10

I would say the YYT Sage and its monometal sibling the YYF RockStar. Neither gets much attention from the community, but they are really solid throws.

(Choncworth) #11

Dang 2 needs more love.

(Mash Mastar) #12

YYF Mighty Flea. It is not as hyped up as I would expect it to be. When I first seen The Mighty Flea I lost sleep over it.


Anybody heard of the nautilus by PICO and Dream Yo? That one is pretty hot.


A lot of topyo models for me! Colossus, silenus. Some yoyoofficer as well.

(InvaderDust) #15

Ill give my underhyped vote to the CLYW Manatee. Its wide, powerful, grinds for days, and it has mad acceleration. Quite a gem if you ask me.


Colossus and Silenus get a good amount of talk.

I will agree with YYO though, they’ve always been underrated despite making some of the best budget metals in the game

(Gethin) #17

how bout the rhythm and blues from 44 rpm! I never hear about em but they are some of my favourite!


I don’t hear too much about it, but I really, really like my Rebellion Start the Riot. It’s one of the smoothest playing bi-metals and it throws like a truck. Lots of power and stable all day.

(Zakai) #19

Whimsy yoyos for sure.

(Choncworth) #20

VTWO, needs more love.