Under hyped yoyos?

(eldollo) #21

I recently got a Basceamp Navigator when they were on sale and it’s been a blast to play it! Super smooth and stable but I feel like it doesn’t get much love or attention :<


Yoyofficer for sure. The Rave and Shift are both excellent.

C3 seems to inexplicably fly under the radar. The OG Radius is fantastic (eagerly awaiting the Radius Nexus drop). I have most of the Draupnir shaped throws, including the Draupnir, and the Atomic Crash is by far the best, imo.


The ILYY Nile is one of the finest/least appreciated yoyos I know.


Mythril Gravitas, Throw Revolution Zephyr 2, & SoSerious Hermes are a few that come to mind. The problem with so many amazing new yo-yo releases is some are bound to get looked over.

(Zakai) #25

I feel like Duncan has become underrated recently.


I like my YYF Paolista. It didn’t get much attention I think.
It’s wedge like in shape, but smaller. It feels very solid as well.

(ClockMonster) #27

Yeah, I have to say that the VTWO has really impressed me. It has become one of my favorites, and yet I don’t hear many people talk about it. But that could just be because so many good yoyos are released nowadays, it is hard for any one yoyo, even a really good one, to grab the spotlight.


I’m kind of salty that there doesn’t seem to be better/more pictures of those hand engraved VTWOs out there.

(Zakai) #29

Something by Yoyoaddict is underrated to me as well.

(Choncworth) #30

Should be more posting in a couple days once they’re all out in the wild.


Yeah the Navigator is legit one of the smoothest bimetals I own. For some reason all the Basecamp stuff just kinda went under the radar, maybe becase it was a collaboration, it was viewed as “neither YYF nor CLYW” and some kind of indeterminate, in-between?

My favorite Basecamp is definitely the Sherpa though.

Possibly, there’s a whole topic for that!

On the VTWO specifically, I just don’t find mostly standard V-shaped yoyos all that exciting. This is why the SF Bliss, which people rave about, to me is just… I dunno… another V, albeit a very good one?


I have to throw the Aviator 2 in as well. It’s a fantastic yoyo, especially for the price.


YYR/Rebellion Invaders Must Die. A top of the line yo-yo masquerading as a “budget” throw.

(ChrisFrancz) #34

I have a red, blue, and green Sage and they are awesome. Lighter than my Replay and feel and throw buttery smooth. I think because it’s plastic and budget-priced it gets little praise but for me and in this stage of my yoyo adventure it’s great.

(Spinworthy Glen) #35

I just want to add that the Yoyofactory AL Dream is also a very under-hyped yoyo that deserves some attention.

It’s really a very effortless yoyo to use.

It may not look like much, but it’s an excellent yoyo.


I don’t hear much about the redesigned Duncan Metal Drifter from anyone. For $25 it is one of my favorite budget yo-yos right now. 58g, organic, and just really fun.

(Zakai) #37

Duncan itself is pretty much underrated.


Good call, even though I don’t usually love Os

(ClockMonster) #39

I don’t usually love Os either… I’m surprised we’re still allowed in here. :wink:


Lol yeah I want to like them but it doesn’t always work out. I’ve got about 3 or 4 I’ve kept over time