Under hyped yoyos?

(ClockMonster) #41

I just ordered a MarkMont Classic. I want to give it a chance to win me over. If it does, then I figure I’ll get an A-RT and become a member of the Yoyoers With Taste club.


The MC plays differently than most Os out there now. The MC, while obviously an O shape, is more lively. If you’ve ever seen Mark play, his tempo is faster than what you’d see from most guys who prefer O shapes. His signature yo-yos have always done a good job of reflecting that.

(ClockMonster) #43

That sounds really good, actually. It could serve as a gateway O for guys like me who tend to prefer performance over pure comfort (or nostalgia).


Back in the day, the black mamba.

(Choncworth) #45

Smashing Yoyos Crucible.


Crucible is a bit of a novelty to me because it is so absurdly light. It is a very interesting yoyo though!

I mean the Float is “light” at 59.5g… the Crucible is FIFTY grams. fiddy!


The Ashigaru is at $54!


I think I’ve mentioned my love for the Yoyofactory Legend in other threads, but I’ve got to mention it here too because it is brilliant. Sure it’s only a wooden cheap responsive and I think this thread is more geared towards modern unresponsive throws, but it’s so fun to play. I’m not sure how well it would draw in a new yoyo player to the hobby but in the hands of someone with experience they could seriously have fun with it. It offers true yoyoing at it’s core in its simplest form.

(Rock Shouse) #49

Gotta give the TopYo Neptune some love…great bi-metal that gets no hype!


Yes, that was the yo-yo that convinced us to carry TopYo, really nice! And it has the plastic string gap insert that even @codinghorror couldn’t break a string on. :joy:


Garrett’s got jokes!


I think maybe the CLYW Dune. No one talks about it much but I reckon it’s a solid throw

(G2 Jake) #53

P19 for now.


44RPM - Drew Tetz Signature Blues. Light oversized organic with all the fun extras


No joke, these are sooo good

(Rock Shouse) #57

What comes with the 44 RPM that make it worth the buy?


I think you have to rule out most “major” yo-yo brands (the top 10 at minimum) to cross this bar. Sadly I would include MagicYoYo in there, so the Carpfin is out… even though it is indeed great, but so are tons of other MYY throws!

I am liking the 44RPM recommendation, plus for another example there’s a number of Mythril yo-yos that nobody really talks about.

I think per the topic, this is about relatively unknown yo-yo shops and brands.

(ClockMonster) #59

I’d say the YoYoFriends Hummingbird is woefully under-appreciated.

(Francisco) #60

I think the Parser is amazing, don’t really ever hear much about it at all.

(Gethin) #61

mine came with a ton of stickers, a couple of cool wooden string picks, the two main wooden rings and 2 smaller ones, along with some buttons. And a handwritten note from drew, good stuff.