Sengoku Musashi opinions??

I bought myself one as a birthday gift, yes im a grown man who buys toys for his birthday. Havent seen much on it. Has anybody used/thrown one?? Im sure its awesome like the rest of the Sengoku throws.

I haven’t played one, but, a friend from New York YoYo Club told me he thinks it is Sengoku’s most underrated yoyo, and perhaps their best competition yoyo. I will try to get to NYYYC to try one out, but, you may have yours in hand before I get down there. I do think you hit the nail on the head though, I have not played a Sengoku that wasn’t excellent (even my b-grade Hideyoshi is smooth enough for my taste & ability).

I can’t imagine you will be disappointed.

Awesome! thats what i figured. They were doing a crazy deal on yoyoday so i picked one up. Sengoku seems to be underrated all around. I guess lack of advertising?

I love mine. In my opinion, it’s light but you feel it’s presence when you throw it around, grinds are smooth, more than enough spin time. Watch your knuckles when you bind after a hard throw, though. It comes back hard after a fresh throw. The only reason it’s not my daily throw is because it’s my first bimetal/high end throw I’ve purchased, and I’m paranoid I’ll mangle it at work, or someone will swipe it from my desk.

Where do you work? I need to come steal this from your desk.

Honeywell in Torrance. Believe me, you don’t want to be there. Lol

mine showed up the other day. What an awesome throw! and the finish is cool, super unique.