Under hyped yoyos?


YYF Ti Dream.
Another super under-appreciated yo-yo.


I was gonna mention the Basecamp collaborations: Jackknife, Navigator, and Expedition. Those get very very little love but are quite good.


Yeah, I still throw the Navigator pretty regularly, very nice yo-yo.


Some off the top of my head: Bolt2, Executive, Gorge, new Starfire (how is that yoyo still in stock?), Prescription, Confusion, Hildy Currier, Gnarwhal/Gnarwhal 2, and anything made by CoreCo or 44RPM.


I really love the Blues! I have a blue one, and Drew made me some solid cherry wood rings and some tortoise shell rings for mine a couple years ago. Should take some photos of it.


Let’s see some pics of that Blues


I’ll try to take some tonight, or this weekend :+1:t3:

(Joseph) #69

CLYW Akita

(Yiyang Wang) #70

You guys already know. The sheer performance and quality speaks for themselves.

(Spinworthy Glen) #71

The Magpie is tempting me, but it looks a little sharp. Is this the case?

(Yiyang Wang) #72

I would say it is a tiny bit sharp, but nothing that will hurt your hand sharp. The sharpness helps this yoyo to go really fast.

(Joseph) #73

The Magpie looks soooooo sleek

(Mk1 Yoyos) #74

It’s not sharp like it’ll cut you, but if you catch it wrong you’ll feel it. It’s very wide, which means that angle by the rim is mostly not going to hit you right in the flesh.


I think the YYF Czech point pivot is under hyped. I’ve never heard it reccomend to anyone but it’s one of the yoyos I keep coming back to and never understanding why I put it down.


New one with Delrin cap, or old one with Alu cap?


I have the old one with the Alu cap. I have tried the new one but not for long enough to give an accurate comparison. there both good though but for my first impression I like the one with the Alu cap better.


What color MMC? If it doesnt win you over let me know

(ClockMonster) #79

It’s the blue one. It is slowly growing on me, so I think I will keep it for a while longer.


Here you go. I didn’t take out the Cherry rings, they’re pretty tight, but sat the tortoise shell rings on top so you can get an idea of what they look like. Drew also made me a cherry and tortoise adaptor/string pick. Love this yoyo.


@ed1 Ed Haponik crushing the Blues in his THE BEARINGS #trickdump