UNDERrated yoyos?

I liked the overrated yoyos thread (started by and is yoyo) so i though it would be cool to see what you guys thought where some underrated throws? i would have to say the Shinwoo zen. ive never heard anything about it, and i think its great for its price.

I don’t really get the point to these threads, both under-rated and overrated. But, its nice you’re letting the “under-rated” guys get their chance. So much about yoyo is based on personal preferences. You can get two totally different points of view from two different people on the same yoyo.

But, let me kick it off.

Recently, I’ve gotten an Adegle PSG and Asteroid. I also recently got a Lyn Fury. The Lyn Fury is well established, a popular yoyo, generally speaking well liked, and very inexpensive. I have yoyos all over the spectrum. I have stuff as small as the Mighty Flea to as big as the Big Yo. I have stuff as inexpensive as the Duncan Keychain and Imperial and Butterfly, all the way to stuff by CLYW and One Drop, but with my most expensive purchase yoyo to date being the YYJ Phenom. I have eyes on stuff more expensive, such as the Chief, but am not ready to jump into a nearly $200 yoyo at this point in time.

I like the cheap stuff. It’s fun, you don’t have to care about wrecking it that much even though I try my best to take good care of all ym stuff. It’s an easy way to pad a collection up. Plus, for those plastic haters, there’s some really good plastics out there. I think YYJ is one of the leaders in awesome performance in a sub-$20 yoyo market.

YYF came out with the Northstar and Protostar, which were obviously designed with plastic-type pricing in mind, but metal-like performance as the goal, and I’d say they did exactly that. YYF put amazing performance at a $35 price point. YYJ has taken that price point down a bit, but not quite, but at the same time making amazing stuff.

Then in comes Adegle. It’s like they just came in and kicked in the door and said “here we are, deal with us”. The PSG landed on the yoyo community like a one-hit wonder climbing up the pop charts. $16, great player, durable, solid, smooth, stable. But can they repeat? The answer is a resounding yes. The Asteroid dropped a few days ago an has proven that in the sub-$20 market, they aren’t a one-hit wonder. If anything, at this point they are a two-hit wonder. The bigger question now is will they have longevity. Only time can tell on that point.

There’s some question that these are being over-hyped. Maybe that should land this in the over-rated category. I will say they live up to the hype. I think that many people will question these because they are so inexpensive. I was lured to them due to the price, figuring if I dislike it, at $16, I can give it away, give it to my kids or BST it off. Plus, let’s face it, some of the people on not just this forum, but other forums, are definitely metal yoyo snobs. I can’t argue the fact that metals are better, they just are. However, these $16 yoyos are nothing to turn your nose up at.

So, I think the issue is “how good can an under $20 yoyo bet”. With plenty of great examples out there, Adegle shows what is possible. I think people will question these based on the price. The only thing they should be questioning is “why am I not buying one of these?”