i need a good cheap yoyo under 20$

know any ???


YYJ Lyn Fury, but siliconed for full unresponsive play.
Kickside and Speed Maker are fun too. Definitely worth considering, but they are more intermediate and use hybrid response systems.

YYJ Pinnacle if you want out of the box 5A.

Duncan Freakhands are fun, or a FH2. They are the same thing, but the Freakhands have monster/scary caps. FHZ’s too. Comes with counterweights.

The Duncan ProZ is a lot of fun for not a lot of money and should be available at a retailer near you perhaps.

The YYF Starbright is fun and under $20

The YYF ONE with 2 bearings, good value and goes from responsive to unresponsive by changing the bearings. The newer 2012 model is a great improvement over the 2011 edition.

The YYF WHIP is nice too, but a tad too light. Takes a super strong throw. However, I feel all yoyos serve a purpose and the purpose of this, besides being an inexpensive yoyo, is to make you throw stronger, harder and land cleaner. A fantastic investment most throwers should have!

I have a stackless Grind Machine coming. Can’t wait for that!

The new YYF ONE Star isn’t out yet, but MAY stay under $20. I paid $15 for it but I think it will sell in the $25 range.

The YYJ Unleashed if you’re into 2A/looping.

The B-grade YYF Speed Dials are a lot of fun, and at $20, tops out on your price restriction.

Shinwoo Griffin Wing for 4A madness.
The Techno 2 ain’t bad once you clean the bearing and remove the response pads and silicone it.

DO NOT overlook the Adegle PSG and Asteroid. Freakin’ amazing and cheap and an amazing plastic.

After that, you have to consider Magic YoYo and specific channels, or some of the “brands we’re not allowed to discuss here” and the channels required to obtain those models.

That about rounds it up for me talking about stuff in my collection. Anyone else have additional suggestions?

Studios’s dropped the knowledge right there…

I’ll chime in - grab an Asteroid, before they realize they could get $30 for it… seriously, great throw, ridiculously cheap… with shipping you be just a bit over your $20, but you’ll have it fast and spinning like crazy…

Nothing wrong with the other throws - but most you might outgrow - I love my Whip and One, but I’ve moved on… it’s not them, it’s me… The Asteroid really can take you places sub $25 throws don’t

Psg and asteroid all the way for me. Good spin times, stable, and cheap too.

I really need to get my hands on a PSG and an Asteroid, I always hear such great things about them! :slight_smile: