best yoyo under 20 bucks

What is the best yoyo under 20 bucks?

i would suggest the velocity

There is no best, all of the yoyos under 20 are great with some exceptions. They’ll all do fine.

That is right, but we could give you recommendation. Something a little over $20 would be legacy lower than 20 i would suggest Kickside!! or SpeedMaker. Ill go with Kickside. Sand down the starburst and remove the black o-ring and silicone it. Its amazing

YYJ Journey, of course. Best $15.30 you’ll ever spend.
Right here:

I’d go with the Lyn Fury which can be responsive or unresponsive and has a much wider gap compared to the others mentioned above. A nice wide gap will come in real handy when u advance even more. Now for $3.99 over the 20 bucks, u can get the yyf starlite (if u don’t have one) which smokes the Lyn Fury and perhaps everything else under $20.

I got the Starlite and POPstar and am loving them both. I find I play with the POPstar with a 10ball bearing more than my 54

Yeah… The closest for that price are yyj plastics, or yyf velocity, popstar, or starlight… Those are the only ones worth buying imo

Velocity. Responsivness can be changed. Real good for 20 bucks man. Like you can loop with this thing and play up to advanced-expert (not sure about master) level tricks.

So this isn’t for me it’s for a friend’s b-day. I think I’ll get him a kickside. I can already almost do a master trick.

For 2 more dollars, get a YoYoJam Legacy. Those are simply amazing.

Aaah, yes, my Legacy. It works great!!. Spins so long and currently I have this bearing that spins as long as a dry bearing, but it’s lubed! And unresponsive. Another thing is that it has tiny to no vibe. It’s pretty stable and if you want floaty play, take the caps of and BOOM.

But the cons are:
He’s gotta bind REALLY well. Cause this thing binds 5% slippy.
Caps on, it’s stable but it’s really heavy to move around. But caps off, it’s floaty, but not as stable.