Yoyos for my Dad and Brother...

My Dad and my brother both are starting to get into Yoyoing and are both starting to learn unresponsive play.

They both can bind but don’t want to (or don’t have tons of money in the case of my brother) to spend on a classy yoyo.

What’s a cheap and decent yoyo for these guys?

I’m thinking in the less than 20$ range.

Remeber they want unresponsive… :3

I reccommend the Kickside, Lyn Fury, or the Speedmaker.
They earch cost 15$.


Lyn Fury:


They are all responsive…but get unresponsive as the o-rings are worn down.

Have fun :slight_smile:

I was thinking about getting those but they are responsive out of the box, aren’t they?

Is there anything like that except unresponsive?

Plastic Grind Machine…
Or maybe Protostar…
It’s all around $30… But it plays great…

The Legacy plays unresponsive if I’m not mistaken

get a legacy 100% $22

A kickside w/ a clean/dry bearing and two thick shims will make it dead unresponsive. I have mine setup like that and love it.

I think the DIE-NASTY comes unresponsive, if I’m not mistaken.

It’s 17 Dollars.

Or you guys could just learn to play responsive. I personally love it, and it really makes you play smoother. Just a suggestion…

Not that I’d argue with that statement, but how does it make you more smooth?

Because any jerky movement would cause the yoyo to shoot back up to your hand.
No jerky or sudden movement= no yoyo shooting to your hands = smoother play.

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Die-Nasty, great yoyo
Velocity, great yoyo
Legacy, great yoyo…

I’ve tried all three, they all are dead unresponsive, and play super great…

I’ve been playing a Lyn Fury lately, with shaven O-rings, and like a very cheaply done satin finish… It plays great… Not completely dead unresponsive, but I can do a douple hook and brent stole on it… Its also tug responsive at the same time though…

pocket change is $14, unresponsive, and pocket size

protostar wich is a little abouve the range u put. or also a legacy…those are great ;D ;D


The Legacy REALLY is good, but a YoYoJam Speed-maker plays pretty un-responsive with Red Shims, which only cost a dollar for a set of two.