which yoyojam do you recommend for beginner?


Hi everyone, I need recommendation about which yoyojam yoyo is good for beginner. What do you think about journey, lyn fury and legacy? Any thoughts will be appreciated


If you can bind the Legacy is a great choice. If you can’t bind then the Journey, Lyn Fury, Kickside, or the Speed Maker are all great choices. You really can’t go wrong with any of the YoYoJam plastics.

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i agree


Get the Legacy even though you cant bind, you will learn quick and it will save you money to get it now rather than getting a lyn fury and then upgrade to a Legacy

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I put some silicone pads in my lyn fury and it plays perfectly unresponsive.
If you want the lyn fury, by all means get it. Btw, all the yoyojam plastics are great, you cant go wrong.


Thank you all for replying my post. I want to play responsive first and then if I’m quite good I want to move on to unresponsive. Can you explain the difference between Journey, Lyn Fury, Kickside, or the Speed Maker? In my country, many people doesn’t like yoyojam yoyos because they think the quality is not good, every yoyo has vibe etc. What do you think about yoyojam plastics? Is it okay if I use thick lube to lube Legacy then after I am quite good I use thin lube to make it unresponsive?


The Journey, Lyn Fury, Kickside, and Speed Maker all have slightly different shapes and specs. YYJ quality is good; it’s nothing to worry about. Yes, using thick lube to keep it responsive is completely fine.

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YYJ yoyos are great,
Avery a if learner picked the lyn he doesn’t really have to “upgrade” to a legacy.


I love my lyn fury and play it along side my m1 and dingo, its nice to have something that plays great and yet not having to watch out for concrete or hard surfaces since it’s plastic. It has some response to it but most of the time needs a bind once broken in. I suggest getting some thin and thick lube so you can also play it responsive until you want to bind. ;D


I highly recommend the Journey. It is responsive, but won’t hit your hand all of a sudden when doing beginner tricks. The Lyn Fury is a little less responsive then the Journey. Well Anyways, the Journey is Yoyoexpert’s favorite beginner yoyo.


thank you all for your recommendation. Now I am convinced that yoyojam quality is good, I will buy one of your recommendation. By the way I have one more question, what is the difference in play between oring and hybrid response?


Most people prefer double oring to hybrid response. I feel that the starburst is loud and constantly rubs on the string. The feel of double oring is much more crisp to me and I like it a lot more. Plus, with double oring you can silicone both halves when you get better for unresponsive play. I would go with the lyn fury.


Also the Hybrid response makes it a little less responsive.


yoyojam plastic yoyos are light so its good to have a really strong throw


thank you all for your recommendation. I have decided to buy lyn fury and the lubes too