Yoyo for a Intermediate - Advanced player

Eh…I’m an intermediate starting advanced player stuck with a pretty crappy yoyo with only about 30 seconds sleep time and decided i needed a new one. Out of the YYJ Kickside, Lyn Fury, Journey, Speedmaker and Legacy yoyos which would be the best for an intermediate - advanced player and will last long enough for me to go into harder tricks in the future?


P.S. Rate them from best to worst please

Kickside, legacy, lyn Fury, speedmaker, then the journey

The kickside is the most perfect shape of all yoyo’s IMO. Has hybrid response that can be modded when you get more advanced.

The legacy has a weight ring and silicone pads. Great yoyo.

The Lyn fury has dual o-ring response. The shape just doesn’t fit my preferences.

Speedmaker and journey are really on the same level but totally different yoyo’s.

Just get a kickside. I’m sure Elephark will give yo a vid on what can be done on a kickside. :^)

The Kickside is Great! If you dont know how to Bind yet, go with the Kickside because its Responsive and when you learn to Bind you can adjust it to be mostly Unresponsive.
But the Legacy is an Amazing Plasic YoYo. I would Reccomend the Legacy if you Do Know how to Bind. :wink:

Yup I can bind easily. I’ve heard that the Legacy is a ridiculously unresponsive yoyo would double binding be needed to bring it back to your hand for Legacy?

I’ve never thrown a Legacy. It is supposed to be a notch above the other four, but I don’t rate yoyos I haven’t actually thrown, so…

Kickside - agree 100% with Icthus on this one. Then…
Journey - another great shape, with dual o-rings. A little bigger, but lighter than the other four. Then…
Speedmaker - Completely different shape. I have a couple just for a change once in a while. Then…
Lyn Fury - Slightly smaller, dual o-rings, popular because it has a huge gap. Bigger than the Legacy’s

I have all four of these, and they’re all great throws. This reflects both how often I reach for them, and how many of each I own. (Kickside 5, Journey 3, Speedmaker 2, and Lyn 1)

Have Fun,

the legacy is like that at first until you change the response system to silicone recess.
I own two legacys one from 09 and 2010.
But i have tried speed maker and kickside.
personally i like the speedmaker than the kick side .
because i like to play fast and its smaller for me to learn tricks like ladder escape.

Why take the silicone pads out to put silicone in? doesn’t make sense to me. They play pretty close to the same.

I love my Lyn Fury, I popped out the o-rings and RTV’d it and cleaned the bearing and left it dry, simply amazing, the Kickside is just as awesome, IF you like the shape, which I do not. Though I gotta give it credit, it is still a very awesome and reliable throw that can last you forever.

I second this. The only downside to leaving it dry is that its a bit loud lol.

I would go after the kickside

If you have the money DarkMagic2. It has long spin times and a responsive bearing.
If not I recommended the lyn fury. The journey is kind of light( you may not have as powerful a throw)
Mabey I wrong about the journey but thats what I think.

Not on his list haha ;D jk but I would go with the Kickside or Lyn Fury