Advice for a new yoyo

I am an intermediate player trying to learn binding. Should I get a Speed Maker or a Lyn Fury?

The speed maker and lyn fury are both in the same price class. From my eyes, both of those yoyos will work well for you. I do not know that much about the lyn fury, but i own a speedmaker. The thing with speedmaker is that when you’ve used it for a while, you will break in the lubricant in the bearing, and the yoyo will get unresponsive. From what I’ve heard, the same will happen to the lyn fury. So i believe that both of these yoyos will fit you well. But they have their differences. SInce the speed maker is built for speed, it’s a bit lighter an narrower than the lyn fury. And the speed maker has a more “sharp” shape, while the lyn fury is more rounded.

As you are new to this forum, it will be better to let you into things right away. When you ask this forum to decide yoyo you will get either “buy the one you want the most, it’s only preference.” Or someone will post this link:,1211.0.html and say answer the questions and we’ll help you out. Both of these will work for you. And you will have fun with both of those yoyos. Hope I could be to any help.

all preference. both are great yo-yo’s. speedmaker’s got the hybrid (half-starburst/half-o-ring) response and lyn is dual-o (which can be siliconed). i prefer the speedmaker, because it’s a little more agile to me, but both are splendid.

How about the weight? The Lyn Fury is slightly heavier than the Speedmaker but how does it make a difference?

Yeah that’s about what I said someone would say.

A lighter yoyo will be more agile and be easier to move around on the string. That’s why they call it the speed maker.

The velocity…it has adjustable response so if your having trouble binding you can make it a little more responsive:) otherwise sm and lf are both good yoyos from what i hear

As people have already stated, preference is key. Look at this post, and answer the questions. When the question asks for shape, be specific instead of saying “Butterfly” or “winged”

Man pheenix, you are good. Anyway, yeah. Since you probably aren’t gonna be able to answer any of the questions, since you are still in the intermediate level, I have to say this: This.

If you like slower, more flashy hopping tricks, get a lyn, cause its fatter and has more space to catch the string. If you like simplicity and speed (Mickey!), get a speedmaker, because its really light and streamlined, so it is quite fast. Remember, the speedmaker feels as light as a feather.

Btw, welcome to the forums, Dominic! I’m Louiz!

How about a kickside? What is the difference between kickside and Lyn Fury, and Which one is better for me?

And also, can Kickside be made unresponsive for more advanced tricks? I heard from another forum(I have forgotten which one) that even with spacers, Kickside is still very responsive.

a friend of mine has a kickside and has had it for about two months and he doesnt play that much but enough to wear its unresponsive. he used spacers for awhile that helped a little. but now he doesnt have spacers but has a broken in bearing and o-ring, so depends on how much you throw.

Well, the physical dimensions of the Kickside and Lyn Fury are different. Just choose what you think looks better - They will both preform the same. Also, with a nicely broken in bearing, the Kickside will definitely be unresponsive

What is the difference when playing a yoyo with dual o-ring response and a yoyo with hybrid response? Does it affect spin times, play, responsiveness, and how?

Ok, folks. Let’s get down to brass tacks. This thread is an all too common theme around here. :slight_smile:

When people say preference, they’re right, even if they don’t know why. Let me put this bluntly, and for the record…

If you can do it on an 888, you can do it on a Lyn Fury. Doesn’t matter what…

Sleeper, Split The Atom, Spirit Bomb, Turntablism. Doesn’t matter.

If you can’t do something on a Lyn Fury that you can on an 888, you need to step your game up. I’ve never actually seen this be the case, though, so don’t spend even a second worrying about it.

Buy the yo-yo that sits the best with what you want to do, within your budget, and you’ll be just fine. Whether it’s a Kickside, Velocity, Dark Magic, Pyro, or Peak, they’ll all do Ladder Escape just fine.

You dig?

I do most of my “at home just kickin’ it” throwing with a Lyn Fury. It’s nice. It’s the blue/black one. Nice durable plastic, doesn’t leave a mark when it takes a hit, grinds like a champ, sleeps forever. What more can you ask of it?

Plenty, actually. And that’s why it’s running recessed flowable silicone, and no other alterations. Five bucks for a tube of silicone, now a top performer. Frankly, it was before with the o-rings, but I’m crazy like that.

Total cost of awesome? Right around $20.

Let me show you the math so you really feel me…

[Awesome = $15 Fury + $5 Silicone]

Oh, sure, it’s got a little vibe, but so does the Peak. ;D

It’s nice to have some of these really awesome monsters that other people play with. Who doesn’t want a Dark Magic, X-Convict, 888, or the like? Are they worth it? You bet! They’re great throwers! They look good, sound good, play smooth, impress the ladies, and just generally rule.

Do you really need one?


Should you get one? Money permitting?

Yep, but it’s not going to step your game up. Only you can do that.

Buy what you can afford, makes you happy, and leaves you throwing until your arm melts.

Look at it this way, if you’re throwing Expert level stuff cleanly on a Kickside, imagine how things are gonna go when you finally pick up a high-end yo-yo.

Of course, I can make this real easy for you…

Take a look at the learning videos on this website. From Beginner to Master. Then take a real good look at the fact that through it all, Andre isn’t throwing anything but his Dark Magic.

What does this tell you? :wink:

Let me show you the math so you really feel me…

[Awesome = Andre Boulay + Dark Magic]

Indisputable fact. But if this is true, then so is this…

[Awesome = You + Dark Magic]

Think about it.

Docrobot, what you have just posted does not really answer my last question.

Can anybody answer my last question?

Meh, the answer to your last question: Whatever you want. Just choose the one that you think looks cooler. I’d go with kickside, because matching halves suits me(Lyn doesn’t have matching halfs all the time).

I thought I had, actually. :slight_smile:

How straight is your throw? The result is going to be the same whether the string is rubbing against an o-ring or a starburst. This is what you need to be worried about, as this is the only thing between the two that’s going to affect your spin times, play, etc.

You’re an intermediate player looking to learn binding? I’m gonna say that the type of response system isn’t going to matter to you at all. You’re not going to notice a real difference between rings and hybrid. I understand that most folks have a preference between the two, but that’s something you’re going to have to decide on your own. I’ll leave it to the pros to argue over which is better, but I don’t mind either, and don’t really notice a difference. Most people I know don’t notice it, either.

Some people actually take sandpaper and remove the starburst from a hybrid while they silicone the other half. I find this completely pointless, but that’s just me. Why even bother buying a hybrid if you’re just gonna sand one side and goop up the other? Well, more than a few people do bother.

Wait until you get into response pads, silicone, and such. You’ll find as many different opinions and setups as there are stars in the night sky. And even then this depends on the one specific yo-yo they’re talking about at the time. Want to talk about a different yo-yo? Well, time for a whole new set of opinions!

Personally, I’m a fan of double o-ring, but only because I like having recessed silicone on both sides. This is how both my Lyn Fury and X-Convict are set. YMMV.

This is a really difficult thing you’re asking, at it’s base level. There are so many options out there, and so many of them are subjective. There’s going to be a different answer to it all every time you ask someone new.

I’m all for someone doing their homework, let me just say that. Let me also say that there’s a time when you just pick an option and start having fun.

Metal, plastic, hybrid, o-rings, hubstacks, a yo-yo inside a stuffed rat, super hero paint jobs, halves shaped like German chocolate figurines, it doesn’t matter.


I could go into a very long explanation for my reasoning on this question but Im simply just going to say: Lyn Fury.

I say its not a big deal. These are both great yoyos, and can be made advanced fairly quickly. Because you are so early in your yoyoing career, you wont really notice a difference. Both have the same level of play, and are extremely good. Just choose the one that looks better in your eyes, or what you feel would be better for you.

Thanks everyone for the advice! I bought a kickside in the end and I liked the weight and feel of it. The only problem is that I do not like the high-pitched sound when the string rubs against the starburst.