YoYoJam Lyn Fury

My brother is five and needs a low price, unresponsive yoyo and he was
thinking about the Lyn Fury. I’ve heard it is a plastic version of the

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Yeah - The Lyn Fury is available here: http://yoyoexpert.com/product/yoyojam/lyn-fury/

It is a great yoyo.

the speed maker and the journey it all depends on his skill level i would look at legacy too

It depends on whether he can bind or not. If he can bind, personally i think the speedmaker is the best yoyo out there thats plastic, the lyn fury would also be a good choice. but if he cant bind, Id look at a journey.

Lyn fury Is AMAZING. I use it as one of my top players at the moment, takes a few weeks of play to get unresponsive or you can clean the bearing. I would highly reccomend this yoyo to ANY level of player. It is a plastic Hitman and also created by JD.

I have the SpeedMaker and when it comes to which one is better, even if you are a beginner or intermediate, the answer is as usual; preference. As this won’t matter for most beginners (especially, just et the one you think you would like more. The SpeedMaker and Lyn Fury are very equal in a lot of fields like material, price and skill level. The two major differences are the response and shape. If we take a look at the preferences:

Both the SpeedMaker and the Lyn Fury will turn unresponsive as a result of cleaning/breaiking in and the are both low priced. So if you want to decide, you would have to get shape and response preferences out of a 5-year old or just flip a coin.

Addment: The winged shape might take some “getting used to” time.

Ok thanks everybody.

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DUDE! Lyn Fury is NOT as good as a HM. Even all plastic!

Please do read all the previous posts before exclaiming something like that.

Note low price. The Lyn Fury is about 3 times cheaper than the Hitman. You just can’t call a 40 dollar yoyo low price.

Use responsive yo-yos!