When you hear the name Lyn Fury, what comes to your mind? To me it sounds like a Sci Fi Character, kind of like Aeon Flux. Maybe Lyn Fury and Aeon Flux hang out together for a cappuccino or something from time to time hehe. It also makes me think of a great wind or a tempest, of some kind. I find it rather cool that YYJ uses a warrior female image on there, and I wonder if Lyn is in fact a real woman or not. Maybe someone Johnnie knows. It certainly has an interesting aesthetic appeal, thats for sure. Lyn Fury… of dangerous, rebellious and temperamental nature!

*** YoYo Expert Price $15.30***

Appearance: The Lyn Fury has a fun and sporty look especially the half and half colored models. The celcon has matty soft shine on the black, and a bit more glossy shine on the blue. It’s modeled after Johnnie Delvalle’s Hitman signature yoyo. It is my understanding, that it was his idea to make a plastic version. As you will see it’s wings are really round.and chunky. The size of it is not exactly small such as an undersized would be and its not large either. It’s nearly the same diameter as the Duncan Raptor or OD 54. You could call it a medium sized yoyo.

Feel: The Fury feels fat and chunky in the hand, and warm in temp. One of the things I like about the plastic feel is that it’s not as cold as the metals. The celcon feels quite smooth. It’s not the same feel as Polycarbonate or Delrin either. Overall It’s a very comfortable throw to hold and also comfy on the returns.

Play: The Fury is a very capable throw and quite versatile. Capable enough that it’s survived a competitive market at its price pont for several years already and will probably continue on for some more. A great feature the Fury has, is its adjustable gap. By adjusting it’s gap, you can play responsive where you can tug return the yoyo and then play unresponsive where you can bind return it. It is a very nice feature to have when you’re breaking into modern yoyo play as a beginner.

It’s also one of the QUIETER plastics out there. I think the celcon kind of absorbs some of the sound. Compared to the loud polycarbonate noise of the SFX for example, the Fury runs quiet. Good for night practice!

What can the Fury do? Well it depends on who wields it of course! I mean Delvalle does wonders with it, and Takeshi Matsuura got 1st with it in the 5A div. at the 2008 World’s! So just that alone proves it’s a more than capable throw. In the hands of common folk, the Fury has a wide range for basic, intermediate, advanced, expert and master tricks. As your skill grows, this yoyo will stay with you.

At 65 grams, on the string the yoyo feels solid and stable and offers good balance. The wings of the yoyo make the catch zone super wide so you really can’t miss with it. It’s so easy to land anything on it, such as any mount, triangles, hopping in and out of string segments etc. I feel the Fury has very good float and some nice hang time for doing suicides or hop style tricks. And it’s grinding capacity is very good, however IRGS are very tricky with the caps on… But you can always remove the caps with a suction cup and do those rim grinds. The Fury plays medium to fast tempo so you can find and create your style fairly well. And if you are not satifisfied with the stock weight, you can always take a cap or two off and find the weight and feel you like best!

At its widest gap setting, the throw is totally unresponsive with enough space for those multi layered string tricks (I’ve even had to double bind it sometimes). And thanks to its slick material, I’ve not experienced the kind of drag that would turn me away from playing it. On the other end of the gap spectrum, the O-ring response on the tightest setting makes the yoyo so tug responsive that you can just do the gravity drop, over and over again just like a looper would. I’ve also seen some players remove the O-rings and silicone the recesses to get the silicone feel and response with great success, so there’s that option.

Conclusion: The Lyn Fury is a versatile, low maintenance throw that has a proven shape to take you from beginner to advanced. It’s been around and will stay around. For $15 bucks, it’s a good inexpensive choice to start out on. Its Reliable, Strong, Stable, and won’t break like polycarbonate sometimes does. I recommend it to all beginners.

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Nice job on the review. The Lyn is my favorite plastic of the limit number I’ve tried. :slight_smile:

I did silicone mine and have no issues with any trick I throw at it. In fact, I’m about to order a 2nd one.

Nice review. I have had many Lyn Fury’s, my favorite plastic throw. Always have one in the car.
Johnnie Delvalle did a great job. I always silicone them and of course change the bearing.

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I was thinking about getting one because they are inexpensive and popular.

Now I’m not thinking about it anymore. I’ve decided. I will be ordering one. Thanks for the review!

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Sounds awesome, I may get another one too! Thx for stopping by!

Good one to keep in the car, I agree. Thx for stopping by. Of course you changed the bearing…I wonder which bearing you put in it? Hmmm hmmm hehe


Yep… you are welcome and thx for reading it! I’m sure you will enjoy it!

If you don’t want to silicone it you could use these

Another good option for the Fury… Thx for adding the tip DB!!

Great review! The Lyn is almost indestructable. I’ve really only found one way to hurt it: you can crack the hubs if you over tighten it. Other than that, it pretty much just bounces.

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I love my Fury, ended up picking one up from YoYoJam during the Bay Area Classic. At first I was wondering why I was picking up an ‘entry level’ throw but after taking it out of it’s clear box and feeling how solid it felt, and after a couple throws, I realized that this throw has potential and couldn’t wait to silicone it. My only beef was the lack of stability/rim weight so I ended up making some wire rings to add a little under the caps…worked pretty well actually. Not perfect but I’m now less likely to cause it to spin out.

Hello. Thanks for the positive feedback and also for telling what not to do with it!

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Thx for adding your experience with the Fury. It’s a good example that this throw is not just for the beginner. An experienced player may also enjoy too!

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Used to be my favorite throw. Loved this thing.