Lyn Fury

Hey guys,
I just wanted to write a review on the YoyoJam Lyn Fury. First of all, I would like to say that this is a great beginner/intermediate throw. Now I’ll state the stats.

Feel: So, this is deffinately a butterfly shape so it fits in your hand really well. It feels very smooth and can be a great learning throw.

Performance: For this I would have to say that this is a great yoyo if you’re getting into string tricks, now this can’t handle alot of complicated tricks but it can handle about up to something like cold fusion length. (about to advanced to advanced two assuming the tricks on the website)

Sleep: This pretty much goes along with performance, like I said before it can handle about up to cold fusion.

Response: Now the response of this yoyo is something that I like to call “semi responsive”, which means it isn’t completely responsive but the tug has to be much larger allowing you to do alot of string tricks including Eli hops and Kwijibo.

Well I hope this review helped, Private message me if you have any more questions :wink:

The Lyn Fury is my favorite plastic throw, I always keep one in my car.
Given a bunch away.
Easy to silicone the responce system and just for fun I drop in a S/C bearing.

Wait until you have played the lyn for a while. You’re going to find you can do any trick on it and that it will become unresponsive. It’s a nice yo and not bad for one of your first reviews!(I know you’re going to come back and edit this.) ;D

Get some shims and replace the o-rings with silicone and you’ll have a beast of a competition yo-yo.

Ya I agree I got some shims and siliconed my lyn fury it is really nice.

I had the .030 shims in mine. Was a little to wide for me. I ended up with 2 bearing shields on each side and it works perfect for me.

I am going to need more bearing shields if I order a couple more lyns. I love this throw for practicing new tricks.

I put a Lyn Fury in my latest YYE order and some shims(YYJ and Dif-E-Yo). I plan to do the typical “yank out the rings and sili it” modification, but first I’m gonna wear out at least the default string before I do any adjustments.

The lyn comes with a pretty wide gap, 4.58mm, about .25 less then the width of the bearing.
But if you need a few shields I’ll send you some.

Thanks. I got a few more spec bearings I can steal from… dependent upon how many LF’s I eventually order. Probably 2 which means 8 shields = 4 bearings… hmmm. I might just order a few of the .010 shims just to try out before pillaging anymore bearings. I just happened to have a few deshielded when I tried it.