yyj Lyn Fury

Hey all, a good friend of mine said she was interested in getting more into yoyoing. She is a beginner, but seems to be learning fast. I was looking to get her a good solid beginner yoyo (yyj journey, kickside, etc.) However, she has shown some interst in the yyj Lyn Fury. Does anyone know the response level of that yoyo? Is a bind return essential? Again she learns quick but if one HAS to bind return then the lyn fury may not be right. Let me know of any thoughts, thanks.

The Lyn-Fury starts reponsive and will break in.
Get an adjustable yoyo just in case.
coughYYF Velocitycough

Agreed. Velocity.

I think the Lyn Fury would be a great choice. It does come responsive out of the box and won’t become unresponsive for some time. I’ve had personal experience with the Lyn Fury and I had no problem learning to bind before it became unresponsive. Also don’t forget to get a 100 pack of string while you are at it. Strings will need to be changed every once in awhile before they break.

Agreed. Again.

The Lyn Fury, I got it 2 days ago, it is very responsive, and even when it breaks in, it is still responsive. Double o-rings are responsive, even when broken in. Silicone o-rings will make it un-responsive, so will thick and thin shims. If you want to keep the double o-ring response, do thick and thin shims on one side, and thick and thin shims on the other. So its almost like 2-in-1. 2 on one side, 2 on the other. Very good yoyo.

The Lyn Fury does become unresponsive when broken in. Seeing as you’ve only had it for 2 days, I think you should give it some time. Also, it already has a wide gap stock, so shims are not needed and might cause string slippage.

Well, I mean like 8 hours (sounds crazy, huh?) of play. I even pushed them in all the way. (Since they stick out a little.) But the Lyn Fury does have a wide gap, but it is still enough to grab.

That is not broken in…

Well, for two days.

(No comment)

You might as well get a Velocity if yoúre worried about repsonsiveness.

But it doesn’t have to be broken in at 2 days. So you’re still wrong.

In 2 days? Did you play with it 24/7?

The Lyn Fury, much like the Legacy, comes responsove out of the box and will still be fairly reponsive after a few days play. However when you clean and lubricate the bearing, it will become unresponsive, especially using a thin lube.

No. About 8 hours. Today, too. It can still be a matter of the bearing.