Help Please

I dislikee my lyn fury. It doesnt do what i want it to do. I tried responsive and un responsive but it jus doesnt work…any suggestions?

Practice. The Lyn Fury is a great yoyo, and you just need to exercise some patience with it. Just practice, and things will get easier :wink:

What do you want it to do that it’s not?

When you say it wont do what you want it to do, are you referring to tricks or what? What other yo-yos do you have/ have you used?

This is my first yoyo and it wont bind and i cant do brain twister.

I practice and practiced for about 48 hours stright but it still doesnt get easy

In that case, Samad is right. Take your time and practice. It will get easier. I know it can be frustrating, but you’ll get it.

I dont like it, im just going to sell it. Its not my kind of yoyo. No matter what i try im just so frusterated at it.

Before you throw in the towel, just what are you having problems with. Be specific.

If the problem is binding, there’s plenty of help here - videos and posts.

The same goes for brain twister.

You can do it, but not if you give up.

Weell the string always gets knots in it and i keep changing it but that doesnt help. I try to bind and do some tricks but it just spins out. I have tried responsive didnt really work. I tried unresponsive and went horribly.Nothing i try seems to work.

How did unresponsive go horible?

The Lyn is amazing, you’ll just need practice.

I’m past master, and it can do all my tricks.

Well i cant bind so its just really hard and it hit me in the face a couple of times.

If you’re frustrated, it might be best to take a break for a while. Frustration can lead to more bad yoyoing, which leads to more frustration, which leads to you throwing it across the room. We don’t want that.

For binding, it can be annoying and frustrating at first. It seems an awkward thing to have to do. But with time it becomes a natural response. So aside from watching the videos here on binding, practice how much string you put in the gap. Too little and it won’t hold. Too much and it can make a knot. There’s more middle ground than you might think though.

And brain twister is a really fun early trick to learn. Get it smooth and you’ll impress. And it’s seriously not that hard - once you learn it that is. But you can get it. One problem I’ve seen people have is trying to swing it around the wrong direction. So be careful of that one.

Just so you know, everything that you have listed is not the yoyo’s fault. Its skill level. The more you try the better you will get. ALL yoyoers went through this. Its not something that you just pick up in a couple days. It takes a lot of time. Keep at it. Just remember that only you can change the way the yoyo treats you.

As for knots. I’ve been yoyoing for over 5 years and I still get them. Its life on a string.
also I’ve hit myself in the face too many times. Even last week I tried to knock my jaw off. lol

Trust me when I say if you keep at it you will get better and that Lyn will work perfectly for you.