My Lyn Fury?

Is it okay if my lyn fury cant do around the world and breakaway? Like will i need those for some really advance tricks? For te break away i can do like man on trapeze but then it spins out after like three seconds.

Your Lyn should be able to do both of those tricks. Mine is set unresponsive so I can’t technically do them, but I can go through the motions.

Mine is responsive but when i throw it for a break away it doesnt stop it just flys off.

what do you mean by that?

Like it does around the world it dosnt come back to my hand. Also when i do man on trapeze thing it goes sideways when im throwing straight.

hmm well i just started again a few weeks ago after quiting a few years vack but what helped me was i just move the string down my finger a bit and stand againt a wall to get my break aways back

Just keep practicing, and mabey see how long you’r yoyo can actually spin, you may have ti too thickly lubed.

Make sure you have a straight breakaway when doing Trapeze. When your on The Trapeze mount, make sure that the strings are not rubbing against the side of the yoyo, or else the yo-yo will spin out and fall to one side.

or if all fails and you get lazy you can get a kk bearing

I have to make it stright but its as stright as i can go. I also dont have any lube on it.

that wont affect anything but sleep time and responce if your throwing crocked just keep throwing over and over again until you find something that works. cause everyone is different.

KK’s won’t solve anything.
Just practice to get everything straight and strong. it’s okay if you can’t do responsive tricks. they’re just meant as guidlines to get you to understand future tricks. for Trapeze, try the search button. you won’t believe how many great posts you’ll find.
throw a breakaway and stick your finger out. make sure you’re swinging a lot and then put your finger as close to the yoyo as possible. you can also try learning a type of reverse trapeze. it’s the mount in the beginning of a frontstyle bind.
But the main advice is PRACTICE

of course it will help it all depents on how much. you never know till you try cause he said it leans to one side that could mean ether he isnt throwing hard enough and its starting to slow down or the string gap isnt very centred thats what i find. But i dont use a kk cause i dont need one but what i have been hearing it really helps.

try throughing it harder or mabe there is not in the gap.