plastic whip help -- is it me or the yoyo

Thanks in advance for any help you guys can offer, I really appreciate it.
Here’s the problem: every time I pop up the yoyo in plastic whip it returns. I’ve read some of the other topics on plastic whip and it sounds like I need to pop up the yoyo to about waist level in order to catch the loop. I can’t seem to figure out how to do that without the yoyo returning.
My question is, am I doing the motion incorrectly or is this a problem with the yoyo (or both)? I am using a Lyn Fury, stock, with slick 8 string. I’ve got the gap adjusted to as wide as I think I can have it without the string getting stuck around the axel (which is really only about a half turn short of the tightest position).
Again, thanks for any help!

Lyn furies are responsive stock, you would need to replace the orings with yyj silicon pads or a similar response system.Hope that helps ;D

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If you’re new to the trick, I suggest turning your lyn unresponsive if you are truly that far in learning the tricks, and then practice it responsive once you’re better. I can never do it on a responsive yoyo, but I bet you could if you worked hard on it.

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get a protostar!!! that would cover all your yoyo needs.

Johnny. Stop recommending the protostar in threads that arent asking for advice on a new yoyo. It gets really annoying and it can be considered spam. He might like his lyn more than any other yoyo in the world, its not your place to tell him whats good or not.

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Thanks for the feedback, guys. I’ll be movin’ on to the next trick then until I can get some silicon pads. I’m guessing thinner string might help as well – seems like i’m playing on thicker string than most people use.

it’s not the yo-yo. it’s not the string. it’s not the pads.
if you’re doing the trick correctly, you can do plastic whip on virtually any yo-yo. everybody wants ‘moving on’ to be the answer - to a new yo-yo, to a new trick. because it’s easier.
here is plastic whip on a speed beetle (and a wood no jive), and here it is (along with other stuff) on a stock mosquito.

there’s no way i can tell you what you’re doing wrong without seeing it. but you have to believe you can do it. and then practice it like crazy. to really understand any trick, you have to bash some knuckles.

i’m sorry - i hope that didn’t come off as particularly bitter. i just get irritated that for so many people, the most natural assumption is that there’s something wrong with the equipment.


he said is it me or the yoyo, didn’t he…

Yes, but he was looking for a friggin answer and not a recomendation (to AL: I’m assuming…)
And thats not the point, I’ve seen you post on other threads, and all it is is you talking about the protostar, and its annoying.

And alzabo, just stick with your lyn if you like it, no need to feel pressured to change it up

While that may help with some response issues, my Lyn Fury was almost dead unresponsive after the first 3 throws, and I learned Plastic Whip on a stock Lyn. Perhaps a better solution would be to clean or thin lube your bearing to lessen some response and prevent premature string winding, or maybe even make your motions smoother and less jerky. But again, as Ed said, with enough practice you can do Plastic Whip on just about any tug responsive yoyo with proper technique. Just work at it - you’ll get it soon.

Make sure there’s no slack going to the yoyo. You want to throw the loop over your fingers, not tugging it up like a responsive.

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I’ve been having one heck of a time with plastic whip and just watched this video: and did the trick on the 1st try!

Watch where his thumb is and it should be super easy from there!

Although i’ve found that not hitting the trick right can be a knuckle buster!

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Watch how ed does it in the videos he posted. He’s hardly tugging on the yo-yo at all. Instead of pulling the yo-yo to your hand, bring your hand to the yo-yo. The more you yank it, the easier it is to whip it*, but the more likely it is to return to your hand.

*to a certain extent. The limit is probably around waist hight. In fact, the easiest hight could be calculated based on the two facts that your hand moves in an arc with respect to yo-yos reference frame, that your hand ends up 1/3 of the string length from the yo-yo and the acceleration of gravity. I just made this explanation 10x more confusing. I <3 dynamics. You guys should too.

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That video is really helpful.

The trick is to not give the string any slack… I can do a Brent Stole, Hook, and plastic whip on the Lyn I got for easter, and then a flying dismount… Thats alot of fun