Break Away

My lyn cant do a break away. Like to do a man on a trapeze i throw a sleeper then do it. Does that still count as the trick?The lyn when i try to do break away all the strng comes out at once.

If all the string just comes out at once, I’m guessing that it’s not wound tight enough. Try winding it by hand not super tight, but plenty snug and then throw it and see what happens.

And another thought, are both o-rings still installed? They surely are, but if they weren’t, that would be a problem.

I tried but it got tangled up.

When you wind it, do you hold the string against the side of the yoyo? It keeps it from slipping around the bearing and will get it tighter.

Also, to keep it from knotting up when you do that, it just takes a little string to be pinched to the side. And you can go ahead and wind the whole thing with a little loop of string poking out and it won’t hurt anything.

Ooo didn’t think to mention that. Yes, wrap it around your thumb once, the wrap the rest of the way around the bearing. Then take your thumb out and throw. Not sure if you knew that or not.

Its kind of working but when i do it it cuts down on spin time

Hmmm… not sure why that would be. It should increase it…