Break-a-way Tricks

I’m having trouble with tricks that involve the break-a-way(Trapeze Double or Nothing).
I can land these tricks but they rol out quickly. Any tips?

Snap your wrist more and just practice your throw.

By “roll out quickly” do you mean the yoyo stops spinning, or you land but its tilted / falls off the string, or ??

Mainly work on your throw. If it’s tilting and falling off the string, here you go.

I land it and it loses speed and stops spinning.

The yoyo may not be straight, or the string could be off to the side hitting the response. I don’t know what Yoyo your using, but if you can adjust the gap, you may want to try increasing that as well.

Hmm, could be one of any number of things - I’ll throw a few out, ignore the ones that don’t apply:

  • something is wrong with the breakaway, such that the yoyo is spinning in the opposite direction - if its correct, if you throw a breakaway and let the yoyo settle down in front of you, it should be spinning clockwise (assuming you’re right handed).
  • your non-throw-hand pointer finger is angled, so the yoyo leans on the string, or rubs against the sides (vs. just riding on the bearing)
  • your throw isn’t hard enough to begin with, so it runs out of gas quickly
  • extra friction caused by equipment setup (old string, bearing too responsive, response system, gap too tight, etc.)
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Well first, what yo-yo? And how long is your sleeper?

Well first, what yo-yo? And how long is your sleeper?
I justed started so I chose Velocity. My sleeper’s pretty good.

Define “quickly”.

well i land it and after a short time it spins out

How short is short? Is it just 5 seconds or is it 30 seconds or so?

Brad and Apetrunk pointed out what was most likely. When you land sidestyle tricks, make sure that you bring your hands closer together to give it some slack. If you pull it tight, the yoyo has more space to start leaning and tilting.

Also, when you land it, move your hands immediately so that the strings can line up with the gap of the yoyo.

I just wanted to know if the sleep time was really too short or it is just normal. If it were normal, AeroSlaYa would just have to do his tricks faster.

Im pretty sure if it was normal, he wouldnt be asking this question… i can stay in a trapeze, sometimes a double or nothing for a long period of time if i land it correctly, for a long period of time. I’d say around like 30 seconds to a min.

And i would just check my string, string tension, and practice, practice, practice.

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Snao your wrist harder on the throw :-X